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Some may not understand this, others may be angry, but there are many ways to explain “Sonmania”. It is true that we are witnessing an unprecedented phenomenon in the bicolor team. Lapatula found it hard to get accepted by the goals and spirited beer kumbia steps. Sonne wears red and white for only half an hour and receives the adoration of an already established idol.

The Peruvian fan who drenched his shirt in sweat not only has a flamboyant game but a weakness for commitment. That's why Corso is loved by all fans and why 'Sorry' continues to be recognized as a World Cup-worthy Peruvian footballer, despite his umpteenth cap.


Son's mileage

Oliver Sohn has already played over 2,000 minutes this season with Denmark's Silkborg. He has been a casual starter in the last couple of months.

Let's make it clear without anyone getting upset: Soné was the first to express his desire to play for the national team.. After her flirtation on social networks, Juan Maximo Reynoso crossed the pond to talk to her. His Peruvian grandmother's passport was the one that took the longest, but everything was a quick and suspect-free process. It's not the same, this team's undeniable '9' doesn't want to come first. Point for Sonne.

Also, 'Viking of the Andes' reveals the exact opposite of the average Peruvian baseball player: he's athletic, doesn't appear in showbiz shows and learns Spanish surprisingly quickly. “Of course, pe causa,” Sonne pronounces and the respectful audience collapses. Every cultural intervention of the Peruvian-Danish creates seismic effects in red and white hearts.

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Juan Reynoso met Oliver Sohn in Denmark on April 19 last year. (Photo: FPF)

Against Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, Son showed that he is a professional soccer player and that he has the physical condition for more competition. Is this enough to keep summoning him? There is no rush to say that by any means. We are not dealing with an elite talent. If Sonne is a top-level full-back, he will be picked by Denmark, at the very least, he will have already signed with an English club like Brentford, which has shown a special weakness for Nordic footballers. It is also true that Oliver is coming from a higher level league. Since 1986, Denmark has been able to establish itself as a top ten team in Europe several times and its local championship is growing. FC Copenhagen, the last king of this country, managed to qualify for the round of 16 of the Champions League, leaving two historic teams like Manchester United and Galatasaray behind.

In Gianluca Lapadula's first week of training with the national team, Juan Carlos Oblitas' response to his performance heralded everything we've seen in these four years. “It made a difference right from the start“, the director of the FPF selections told us. Is Sonna standing so flamboyantly? The answer was negative in Reynoso's time and still a doubt in Fossati's time. Only 'Nonno' knows if Nordic's showing at Videna will be enough to get on another Copenhagen-Lima flight.

Suffering from nineties salsa nostalgia, I ask myself: What's wrong with loving? What's wrong with perception? It's not Zoe's fault for being attractive. It's not the whole back's fault that the two Peruvian national team coaches decide to call him up. He may be more or less competent, but Oliver is no liar. He is a starter in Denmark's first division, worth more than a million euros and at 23 allows him to expand a very dangerous universe of recruits.

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If Fossati decides that Sonne, a full-back who embraces two fronts, doesn't suit his 3-5-2, then he has to be respected. But Oliver, I'm sure of it, already feels he's won. He has a country that loves him, exploding social networks and even deals with brands to bill him with earned affection.

How should the zone feel? His Nordic character, that composure he disguises with a shy smile, conceals wonder and a sense that he is experiencing the seemingly impossible. Oliver Sonne was born in Koege, Denmark, a small, colorful town of less than 40 thousand people. Fewer people live there than all those who chanted his name on the Monument de Ate. He may not be playing at the continental tournament in June, but Oliver must feel like he's daydreaming. I win. He is already a 'Viking' conquering America.

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