Panama creates commission to promote its orange economy – Govt

(Panama City-ANPanama) By Executive Order 3 of April 20, 2023, Panama creates the Coordinating Commission for Creative and Cultural Industries (CCICC), which will be responsible for coordinating initiatives and identifying strategic interventions for the advancement and competitive development of the country’s creative economy.

The decree bears the signature of the President of Panama, Laurentino Cordoso Cohen. Through an agreement between the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the Ministry of Culture (MiCultura), this Coordinating Authority was created to serve the sectors whose main objectives are creativity, production, promotion, diffusion, distribution and commercialization. Cultural, artistic and heritage content.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), creative industries include publishing, audiovisual, phonographic, visual arts, performing arts, tourism and tangible cultural heritage sectors and intangible, arts and culture education, design, advertising, multimedia content, content software and interactive audiovisual services, fashion, news organizations and information services and creative education.

As part of its tasks, the CCICC is to coordinate and identify initiatives that seek the development of the creative and cultural economy, the interdisciplinary dissolution of public, mixed and private organizations participating in the development of the country’s creative economy.

It will act as a forum for dialogue and coordination to adopt strategic proposals for the creative and cultural industries and may recommend the development and implementation of proposals for policies, programs, projects, programs and regulatory improvements that support effective organizations. And companies in every sector.

It will be responsible for advising the National Government on its position regarding the National Creative Ecosystem and its creative and cultural industries and recommending strategies and interventions for the National Creative Ecosystem and its creative and development to local governments. Cultural industries..

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