Paulo Guerrero reveals Roberto Mosquera's exit was not due to health and Cesar Vallejo criticizes managers

'Predator' questioned 'Poet' managers over Roberto Mosquera's exit at key moment of season (ATV)

Last Friday, March 15, Roberto Masqueira broke his contract with Cesar Vallejo. The national coach had very poor results in the first 8 dates of the Apertura tournament, however, according to the published version, his departure was not due to the performance of the team, but due to the health problems he suffered. 67 year old tactician.

However, this Sunday the 17th, Paolo Guerrero He revealed that he contacted his former trainer, who gave him very different material. However, 'Hunting'He refrained from commenting on the actual reason given to him'MoscowTo leave the Trujillo Club:

“I don't really know, I sent a message to the professor and it was the discomfort he was having, the problem he was having with the sciatica, they had already told us since he was there. The teacher was in so much pain that she could not go to practice for a few days. I thought he had left because he was ill, but from there I sent him a message and he told me something else.He informed ATV.

Paolo Guerrero established a good relationship with Roberto Mosquera during his brief meeting at Cesar Vallejo.

The 40-year-old forward also showed his discomfort at the exit.Mou', and criticized that it occurs at a crucial moment in the season, because 'Poets'They are on the verge of playing in the Copa Sudamericana:

I feel a little sad because he's a great person, a great coach. And now we're at the border.. The exams are over and the Universitario is coming, the Sudamericana is coming. I hope they can solve it better because we have difficult games coming up, a string of difficult games coming up. My concern is big because obviously we have to improve in many aspects,” he added.

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The former Bayern Munich footballer mentioned the possibility Luis Jubeldiawith whom he succeeded South American Cup And last year with the Ecuador tournament LTU of QuitoThe new Trujillo becomes strategist.

“Who knows? I had great chemistry with the teacher, I know football comes around so many times, we had to be in Ecuador and I think we did a great job there. And Who knows, maybe we'll have it here. He must have five hundred thousand proposals and he will surely take the best.“, he pointed out.

Paulo Guerrero developed a great friendship with coach Luis Jubeldia during his time at LDU de Quito – Credits: DIRECTV Capture.

Likewise, the Peru captain also criticized the board of directors Cesar Vallejo Having decided to change coaches just before the FIFA deadline, they can work to correct the shortcomings of the last-placed club in Ligue 1:

“As I say, TheThe directors of the club need to fix the situation quickly as the team cannot exist without a coach. Especially in this short period of time we can improve the errors that are going on, there is no time for thatAnd. I hope they can resolve it soon,” he concluded.

César Vallejo confirmed the departure of Roberto Mosquera through social networks.

Sports journalist, Diego Repagliatti, agrees with Paolo that Mosquera's departure was not solely due to health reasons. A group member of 'Al angulo' means Trujillo people While fighting for the title, the team led by Richard Acuna would have given hope of a short layoff when the coach's assistant took over:

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If Vallejo takes the lead, they'll have his back, they'll trust the assistant and give him a little more time.. “Because let's be fair, the most important game Vallejo played between February and March was against Huancayo,” he noted.

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