Peru exam | From Huaral to Rio de Janeiro: Tenilson is the first Peruvian to reach the Botafogo training courses | RMMD EMCC | Soccer-Peruvian

Peru exam |  From Huaral to Rio de Janeiro: Tenilson is the first Peruvian to reach the Botafogo training courses |  RMMD EMCC |  Soccer-Peruvian

With this addition, the youngster from Hural became the first Peruvian to reach the ranks under ‘Focao’, the company that has trained recognized world football legends such as Garrincha, Didi, Nilton Santos, Jaysino etc. He takes on this responsibility with the same maturity he shows on the left wing. Peruvian Exam Sub-15.

That’s how it started

His talent did not go unnoticed in our country. After standing out for several local teams, he made the big leap to the capital. At the age of 10, he came to test himself at Sporting Crystal. After several trials, the Sky-Blues decided to give him a promotion and a chance. He stayed with Remenz for a year and a half, until an epidemic forced him to return to the Urals.

In these lands he defended the colors of the Emmanuel Club. When sports activities were resumed in our country, Denilson reached a high level and importance in the team. Thanks to connections with the AC Sports Agency run by Anderson da Cunha, the boy got the chance to travel to Brazil and defend the colors of Madureira.

Denilson in Emmanuel Club shirt, Gannett 2021 under 13 champion. (Photo: Spread)

Golden opportunity

It wasn’t until he got a call to join the Tigres do Brasil club that he put on the Madureira jersey and showed his best football. It was with these colors that Botafogo saw it for the first time. This happened in a friendly match between the two teams. Denilson showed his full potential and caught the attention of ‘Focao’ scouts. He continued to monitor until he came up with a formal proposal.

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Although they haven’t signed the contract yet, being a minor, there is already a non-committal relationship between the two parties. However, all of Bautista’s coaching rights are owned by the Lone Star team. On the Brazilian side, they are committed to training and educating him.

In Brazil, he lives with the managers of the company he represents. His parents work hard in Hural to help with some basic expenses. They know that every effort has a reward and that the sacrifice they make will soon pay off more financially.

Check out ‘Blanqueroja’

One of the first targets Denilson has from Brazil could fill the eyes of Peru’s under-15s technical command. You may have the opportunity to invite to a microcycle, from the point of view of South Americans of the type that take place between November and December this year. For now, he needs to continue to show his worth in the various tournaments he plays in: Carioca Metropolitano Championship, Maca√© Cup, Iber Cup and Brasileirinho.

It should be noted that the first contact has already been made with the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) team working in the scouting department. From La Videna, they are delighted that a Peruvian player can start his career in a country where the best full-backs in the world come from a young age.

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