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How did Haiduk sell in 2023?

At the beginning of 2023, we were expecting the same level of sales as 2022, however, we started to see a contraction of the growth year market and we saw that there could be a decline, but eventually sales increased. 3%, the annual growth in the canned fish market, under normal circumstances, is 1% or 2%.

How much does that growth reflect?

Between US$800,000 or US$1 million, and more. We sell more than US$30 million annually and we hope to reach more than US$50 million in two to three years, but it depends on price and volume.

In exports, were the figures also positive?

Our export growth is due to supply of raw materials. All frozen production and exports increased by approximately 22%, and we maintained our 2022 sales volume in canned goods; Despite the state of the local economy there is tremendous growth in the local market.

And at the manufacturing level?

While sales have grown, we have basically maintained that in terms of production, in 2022, that is no growth, what we estimate is that going forward, San Pedro Cannery, It is already a focused business so we will have steady growth over time.

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Because Haiduk Deciding to build an industrial conservatory San Pedro?

At Hayduk, it was agreed to create a subsidiary for the entire canning business unit, which has already started operations from January 1. The strategy is to specialize where we can independently strengthen this business and be more efficient in all its processes and production costs. By creating this institution, we believe that we can improve all the skills of our human capital and we believe that it will be strengthened and achieve the desired result; Campomar will be under the umbrella of San Pedro Cannery. We believe that the growth will be 30% at least in the next two years and we will have the help of higher fish supply which will allow us to strengthen our production and we are very confident about how the brands are performing. grow and in that situation we hope to grow with them.

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What will be the product range of this subsidiary?

The company is essentially a registered business specializing in tuna raw materials, which accounts for 70% of production, and horse mackerel and mackerel, which is equivalent to 30%.

What is an investment plan?

We will focus on maintaining capex for maintenance and efficient operation of our factory, devoting our full effort to specialization as a business unit. In the coming years, we will evaluate what our new investments will be and where they will be targeted, but for now, at least in the short term, we have confirmed that we will maintain our capex.

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Which markets do you plan to reach?

We hope that our strategic partners will continue to be with us in the commercialization of the brands and we have opportunities in the external market. Although we have a foothold in the local market, we need to grow abroad and that is what we are aiming for, and that is why we will focus on the US market.

What is the purpose of international market?

Generally we have 85% sales distribution in local market and 15% in foreign market, we aim to be 75% and 25% in short term, which will be due to the growth of international market. This subsidiary will enable all efforts to focus on production, cost and marketing efficiency, allowing us to be more competitive and reach not only the US, but Europe and many other countries. AmericaBut we have a great opportunity in the market America.

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Which country increased its demand the most in 2023?

It is precisely the US market where we have been able to make annual contracts, which is very good in the planning of an industry as we can review our production plans and costs. This gives you peace of mind, especially in the US market where you can secure sales, which we believe will further establish and grow in the annual plan.

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What is the profile of the American customer?

The profile of the American consumer is similar to the round cans we manufacture. That is the pattern that American consumers demand and source from Asian manufacturing, and we have a competitive advantage in terms of quality with the US FDA. We have mainly entered the Latin markets, but we think growth will also go through the US consumer market.

Are the safeguards already distributed?

From January 1, we started manufacturing and marketing Registered San Pedro. Sales will be across all channels and exports.


  • The San Pedro Cannery It employs more than 300 workers, 60% of whom are women.
  • Hayduk's employees and assets will now be managed by the new subsidiary.

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