Phrases for Three Kings Day 2024: Short and Cute Messages to Send This January 6 | Answers

Three of these are intended to commemorate a biblical event Smart people They come from far away to see the child Founder of Christianity With gifts, this 6th January is celebrated thirteen days after his birth Three Kings Day. So, below we share the best phrases to share on this date. Kings Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar went from the east to Bethlehem to meet the newborn Jesus. Guided by them Belan starHe who led them to his place, bearing various gifts and offerings, Consecrating him King of the JewsAs stated therein The Gospel of St. Matthew.

Three Kings Day began in 19th century Spain as a children's celebration of gift-sharing.. However, over time this tradition spread to other countries along with the Hispanic culture. On this day, many Catholics They also take their nativity scenes with other decorations from the festive Christmas season.

Phrases to Celebrate Three Kings Day

“This January 6, I toast the magical moments and the wisdom that the Three Wise Men bring us,” is one of the phrases you can send to your friends for Three Kings Day. (Photo: Mix of Waves and Colors/MAG)
  • “January 6 gives the adult a chance to play a kind, fair, loyal king. If the other 364 days are one then he becomes the sorcerer king.
  • Twelfth night is the night of illusion, a very magical and special night to renew our love and affection towards our loved ones.
  • “Los Smart peopleGuidance from a distance Belan starThey have come to give you three gifts.
  • “Like kings, the light of hope always follows, and that light leads to honest and pure love. It was that light that caused these kings to come and prostrate themselves before the King of kings. If we follow that light of Jesus we will reach the indicated path.
  • “Tonight is very special because we will remember the generosity Smart people And we get a chance to celebrate it with our loved ones. Congratulations.”
  • “Three witches are approaching from the east… But the most magical thing in the universe is you.”
  • “The recipients of the prize On January 6th they gave us the greatest gift: enthusiasm and imagination; If they have to lie to us to do so, this is proof that they really are witches.
  • “Los Smart people They see the baby Jesus once a year. I wish you the rest of the 364 days to watch your path and be happy. Happy kings!
  • “On a night like this Three Wise Men met the Child God When they saw Him in His stable, they felt in their hearts that He was our Saviour.
  • “There is no gift better than kings The smiles of people who love us.”
  • “Charming Smart people It transcends childhood innocence and January 6, because imagination is always necessary in everyday life.
  • “It is not the size of the gifts that matters, It is the size of the heart that distributes it.”
  • “Want to give a nice gift? Cultivate kindness, practice respect, and cultivate peace.”
  • Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it..”
  • “Los Reyes They gave him gold, frankincense, and frankincense. And the child gave love, hope, peace and joy to the whole earthThings that are not bought in stores but that you and I can give and receive every day.
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Short phrases of witches

  • May the mantra of the three sages fill your life with joy and hope.
  • On this Three Kings Day, excitement can translate into joyful moments.
  • Let the gifts of the Three Wise Men remind you of how special you are.
  • May this 6th January bring you fulfilled dreams and endless smiles.
  • On Twelfth Night, let the guiding star illuminate your paths to success.
  • May the generosity of Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar inspire you to always be kind and supportive.
  • Dear kings, let every gift be a symbol of love and good wishes.
  • May the Three Wise Men fill your home with peace and love on this magical day.
  • May the joy of Three Kings Day remain in your heart throughout the year.
  • Let the innocence of children on this day remind you of the beauty of small details.
  • Happy Three Kings Day, may Epiphany bring you joyous surprises.
  • Let the Three Wise Men grant you the wishes you dare not ask for.
  • On this special date, let the magic of childhood connect us with purity of heart.
  • Let the light of the stars of the three sages illuminate your most cherished dreams.
  • On Three Kings Day, may love and peace reign in your home and in your heart.
A few hours before the arrival of the three sages, as part of the tradition, houses leave a shoe on the balcony and offer other offerings. (Photo: Pixabay/Moondanc).

How is King's Town celebrated in Peru every January 6th?

The 12 days between Christmas and the Epiphany of the Lord complete the celebration of the Nativity and the events directly related to it with the so-called Three Kings Day, which is nothing more than a representation of that moment. East”, according to St Matthew's Gospel, they came to Jerusalem to worship the “King of the Jews”.

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Unlike the float parade that takes place in Spain, Peru is celebrated every January 6 in different corners of the country, Lima is one of the cities whose municipality, with the sound of “Los Toribianitos”, receives a traditional group of police officers. Three sages.

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