Popular renewal suspends councilor Julio Caco’s militancy | Peru

Popular renewal suspends councilor Julio Caco’s militancy |  Peru

He Popular Renovation Party (RP) The Metropolitan Councilor agreed to suspend his militancy Julio Cago Pending the completion of the investigation against him for alleged influence peddling.

The announcement was made by the Mayor of Lima and RB President. Rafael Lopez AliagaHe published the minutes of his group’s disciplinary commission on his social networks.

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The State Attorney General’s Office (PGE) and the Attorney General’s Office Municipality of Lima They are investigating the former Congressman People’s Army For irregular handling of donations Greater Wholesale Market of Lima (EMMSA) Distributed to beneficiaries of common pots in Quebrada de Villa María del Triunfo.

The Wayka portal aired some audio in which Cago was heard talking to a person said to be a representative of the wholesale market, so that merchants could access a meeting with the mayor of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga.

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Last Friday, Kago was spared from being suspended from his alderman post. Only 19 borough councilors voted in favor of its suspension, 14 abstained and one voted against. A minimum of 24 votes was needed to pass the law.

However, the Metropolitan Council approved the formation of a committee of inquiry into the case and donations related to Kako.

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