President Civit highlights Navarre’s European leadership in the social economy

The President of Navarra, Maria Civid, participated in the closing ceremony of the General Assembly of the Association of Socioeconomic Enterprises (ANEL) of Navarra, in which she highlighted the European leadership of the Foral Community in the Social Economy.

During the event at the Pamplona/Iruna College of Physicians, Civit underlined the “roots and regional implantation” of the association. Likewise, he pointed to the company’s work model, which “does not only contribute to economic development, but is also an important factor in social development with a person-centered commitment to the environment.”

The social economy in Navarra has more than 2,400 million invoices

The President explained that the Foral community has more than 1,250 socioeconomic enterprises with a turnover of more than 2,400 million euros. In addition, they group 8.5% of the workforce of this community, which consists of more than 23,000 people, which can rise to 42,000 if members and volunteers are included.

During his speech, he pointed out that ANEL is a “key agent, an active collaborator” in the process of this administration and other administrations and institutions. “Socioeconomic enterprises represented in the association are an effective vehicle for achieving the common good,” Civit concluded.

About the ring

The Association of Social Economic Companies of Navarra (ANEL) was founded in 1982 and brings together more than 200 related companies employing more than 9,000 people.

The company’s mission is to promote the social economy business model and foster the growth of the social economy through enterprise creation, business development and social innovation.

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