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Evaluation is complete. Last weekend “JB en ATV”, “El Reventonazo de Verano” and “El Gran Chef: Famosos” faced each other in prime time. After a short vacation, Jorge Benavides returned and surprised his audience Dayanita.

TROME | Does Dayanita regret leaving JP in ATV? (ATV)

However, that was not enough to top the ratings chart for this January 13 as Chola Sabuka managed to win the audience's hearts.

“El Reventonazo del Verano” had protagonists Super Ada, Maricarmen Marin and Pablo HerediaAlong with his twins, Chola faces trial in court.

Rating for Saturday, January 13

  • Summer outbreak: 9.1
  • Miracles of the Rose 8.0
  • JP and ATV: 7.3
  • The Great Celebrity Chef 7.3

Dayanita defends her return to JP on ATV after her fight with Jorge Benavides

Before the show, Drom confirmed that Dayanita would be returning to the ATV space, after which a wave of comments erupted from users as the actress did not leave the show on good terms.

However, the comedian defended and encouraged his return to 'JP on ATV'. “It's never too late to be who you want to be. For this reason, this Saturday I returned strongly to my second family project and made myself grow as an artist,” he said on his social networks.

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