Review: The Vigilante 3 – Rolling Stone en Español

Review: The Vigilante 3 – Rolling Stone en Español

Equalizer (known in Spanish as the awakener), was a television series that aired from 1985 to 1989 and featured Robert McCall (played by the late Edward Woodward), a former government agent with a dark and sinister past who uses his skills to help people in trouble.

The 2014 film based on the series, directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Denzel Washington McCall, helps a young prostitute escape a human trafficking ring, leading to a brutal confrontation with a criminal organization. The collaboration between Fuqua and Washington has already proven dynamite. Training day (2001) and their version the awakener Thanks to some amazing action sequences that rival cinema’s other great Avenger. John Wick.

For the continuation of 2018, the same result when the actor and director worked together again. On that occasion, McCall works as a Lyft driver, until an attempt at revenge resurfaces after someone close to him is killed. The film expanded on the first hit and expanded the world of the character, while action movie buffs realized that we were dealing with a cinematographic gem of the action genre. For this reason, we were eager for a new installment to complete the trilogy, while we enjoyed it New series of 2021 Queen Latifah stars as Robin McCall, the female version of the vigilante, originally a white and British character.

The third and, perhaps, last part of the film versions the awakener Reunites Fuqua with his fetish actor, but the result isn’t as effective as the previous two installments. Washington, who in recent years has shown us why he’s one of the best actors out there today, thanks to the amazing Fences (2016) (starring and directing) and Masterful The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021), two amazing theatrical adaptations have been made into movies, and now you’re feeling tired and drained of energy.

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The script, written by Richard Wenk (writer of the previous two films), emphasizes a character who, like any avenger, does bad things for good reasons and only punishes those who deserve it. However, in previous installments, McCall had a conflicted relationship with violence, but not in this film. It makes violence taste bitter.

The distinguishing factor in the last section the awakenerIt comes dangerously close to such cinematic trash Transporter (With that cheek Product location “Made in America” ​​luxury cars driven by Italians, a dirty and excessively violent, badly choreographed (something that didn’t happen in the previous two installments) and it turns out to be pseudo-fascist propaganda in a bad way. Singer On Jason’s side.

Fuqua (a director who has proven to be quite inconsistent) and photographer Robert Richardson (Tarantino’s constant collaborator) do their best to bring elegance to the pointless sharpness, wooden acting and sleazy dialogue, and the truth is, they somehow do.

This time, McCall is rescued after a job goes wrong in a picturesque seaside town on the Sicilian coast, and is tasked with cleaning up an area of ​​organized criminals who are evicting everyone to make way for some real estate. A plot that developers have repeated ad nauseam in both film and television (series). Wonderful It’s practically based on the same premise as the 98 episodes).

McCall, who already wants to retire, finds the place he’s staying charming (a mix between the city Paradise Cinema and where Michael Corleone found his wife dead The Godfather) and believes it is worth protecting, as are its simple, hard-working, good-hearted citizens. It’s a stereotypical, reactionary and borderline aggressive scene of Italian rural life, with persuasive hat sellers, friendly fishmongers, priests who look after their parishioners, kind and beautiful maids, a doctor known to all his friends. Nativity and constant religious processions for almost the entire city. The only thing missing in such a landscape is the song E (Actually, included in the trailer).

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McCall offers and receives help from a CIA agent (Dakota Fanning, in an unforgettable setting from Washington’s childhood). Man on fire 2004), while dressing up as Jessica Chastain, asks him how he got selected as an operative. Dark night. As for the villains who keep people in suspense, we are talking about the more homogenous Italian gangs that deal with terrorist groups in the Middle East and traffic in amphetamine “Jihad”. This makes this film a kind of far-right fantasy that will please fans The sound of freedom.

However, the soul of this third part is Washington McCall, with his questionable values, his pathological obsession with order and cleanliness, his attitude of immense respect and heavy punishments for disrespectful youths like mocking, insulting, insulting, Underestimate the Old Man (reminds us of the series Kung Fu) All it takes is watching One Gang Washington to forget how trivial this installment is. It’s a shame the awakener has such an unsatisfactory result. Thank you for having John Wick this year.


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