Rocky Belmonte Reveals Why He Wasn’t On Last “Awesome” Show, What He Regrets, “The Great Chef” And More | Host and Musician | Singer | TVMAS

Rocky Belmonte Reveals Why He Wasn’t On Last “Awesome” Show, What He Regrets, “The Great Chef” And More |  Host and Musician |  Singer |  TVMAS

His mother named him Rocky after the legendary American boxer Rocky Marciano. George Rocky is known as Whittembury Belmonte Rocky Belmonte (Lima, 1966), he is a basketball player. He is a musician and TV host. He is the only Peruvian in history to perform three times on the stage of the OTI festival. He was the main character of the show “Fantástica” and recently, after an absence of 30 years, he returned to Peruvian television as part of the contestants in the third season of “El Gran Chef: Famosos”. “This new beginning is like a rebirth for me“, tell us.

I agreed to be a part of ‘The Great Chef’ because I loved the program and the bug was, I wanted to do things here again, I wanted to update my image a bit, I wanted to show myself as I am. I have reached new generations. Now children and young people stop me on the street to ask for a photo. Unbelievable”, he commented.

EC | Interview with Rocky Belmonte: His Story, His Time on “The Great Chef” and More

Before coming to television, Rocky Belmonte He stood out as a singer. He recorded his first single at the age of 16.teach me to love”. In 1987, his debut album “Su Mido de Amar” won him Best Actor in 14 countries at a festival in Puga, Colombia. The following year he shared third place with Juan Luis Guerrera at the OTI.I’m leaving, searching” The music is composed by Jorge Manuel Tafur. The judges for that tournament included Mexican Jose Jose, Spain’s Juan Carlos Calderon and Peruvian Mario Cavagnaro.

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It was a very beautiful time. In 1990, I performed again at OTI in Las Vegas with Jorge Manuel Tafur’s “Viajero”. Four years later they invited me back to participate. It was in Spain. I sang “Mia” by Armando Masse“, remember.

They have been without terrorism, blackouts, internet or social networks for years. Rocky Belmonte Parallel to music, he got into driving. “Amazing” marked both before and after his career. It was the leading program in prime time with more than 40 daily rating points.

Since they already had Katia Balarín as their main driver, they wanted two good kids. Franco Scavia and I were invited to perform. Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t do it because I have very little experience. In the end they chose both of us. They gave me Wild Foal, Franco with Questions, and Katia with La Ballesta.“, account.

Botro Salvaji had the children of Alan Garcia and Fujimori. Everyone went. In this year’s edition, which had Magneto and Pandora as guests, we achieved 51 rating points“, highlights.

Rocky Belmonte was absent from the “Awesome” Farewell Show. (Photo: Julio Riano)

─Why do you think it got airplay because it was so successful?

I think it has lost its identity and the audience is disconnected. At first it was Katia, Franco and me. Then Jean Voltaire took Franco’s place. When Katia leaves for personal reasons, I will take over the core leadership. Many drivers also enter. There were about 12 of us. Fabiola Palomino, Monica Cevallos, Susan Leon, Mario Liberty, Jaime Bailey’s brother and many others were there. We were overwhelmed. I was very young, I was 25 years old. The success of the project was amazing and we walked away with 28 rating points.

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─You were the only presenter who was there from the beginning to the end of the show.

I wasn’t in the last show farewell program because they made me sign a contract termination document that I signed with no experience even though I still had nine months left to end my employment relationship with the channel. I don’t like what they did. That’s why Mario Liberty was in charge of saying goodbye to the show, along with other patrons.

─Did fame get you down at some point?

I can’t deny that I’m a little lost. It is very popular. But I never stopped being nice to people or taking pictures. When I stopped going to charity events relying on my figure, my mother slapped me twice and put me back in my place.

─What does “nice” mean in your life?

All. It launched me as a national and international star as it was seen in Chile, Ecuador and other countries. Unlike many, I can say that I am a prophet in my country.

─Is it true that you had 400 suits?

True, but I didn’t buy them, the sponsor of the show, Miami Style, gave them to me. Daily addition of two shirts, shoes and polos. They gave it to me to show. I agree that I shouldn’t comment on the economic crisis at that time as many people were struggling to survive on a daily basis. It was a theme of youth, immaturity. I made a mistake.

─Do you regret anything?

I met my son Mario when I was 18. I found out that Andrea Loza’s father was her father because there was a reference to “never” in Andrea Loza’s plan. It shows how immature he is. When my son reported to me, I immediately came to Peru to take a DNA test, which came back positive. We have been together since that moment. I will give my best, logically with rules. We are still getting to know each other. If I was skeptical at first, it was because I had experienced a complicated situation before. An ex-partner told me she was expecting my daughter, and it turned out the father was someone else. I bought him clothes, cradle and everything. I bought a car and gave her a driver to drive her around. I had her as my queen. The day after the baby was born, I returned to the hospital to check on them and found them missing. He left without saying anything to me. I asked what happened. It is learned that she is married and lives with her husband. They only used me. It was a mini band of sorts. They saw my stupid face.

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─Are you planning to stay in Peru? What plans do you have?

I have some plans. I’m looking to do something with lightning in a bottle. I have a project called Rocky Neighborhoods that brings together different neighborhoods. It has many scenes with YouTubers and TikTokers. I talk to people. It has a soundtrack. It’s a one-hour program that’s impactful. Can’t wait another 30 years at this age. I have to propose and innovate and I have the strength and will to do it.

“Fantastic” introduced Rocky Belmonte as a star. (Photo: Julio Riano)


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