Rodrigo González reacts to Gisela’s financial “theory”: “Now I understand why your hair salon is bankrupt” | Rodrigo Gonzalez | Gisela Valcarcel | | programs

Rodrigo Gonzalez He scoffed at recent reports by Gisela ValcarcelIn an interview with host Christian Rivero, he shared his “theory” for making money.

During the interview, Gisela Valcárcel revealed her method of earning more money if she had no money, which generated criticism and ridicule on social networks.

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‘Peluchín’ was not far behind and took advantage of the minutes of the show ‘Amor y Fuego’ to join the jokes.

“If you taught Ethel (Bozo) how to do accounting, now I understand why your hair salon went bankrupt (…) How much will they pay me for this? We send it to you. I think it’s better to pluck the avocado, remove the seed, and plant it to give me more, but that explanation is sad.”He said between laughs.

Finally, Rodrigo highlights Gisela’s qualities, but points out that she can make mistakes in the financial department.

“She has charisma, sympathy and a way with words, the camera doesn’t impose on her, but when she goes to other parts like a complete daughter, she gets into some skids because she doesn’t ski. (…) She doesn’t keep accounts, doesn’t act like a nutritionist. “He pointed out.

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