Rumors about the death of 'Munequita Milli', Dr. Fong's escape and Millet and Dinelli's breakup at Magali TV Law Firm

Marcelo BolinoArgentinian journalist talks about relationship with Magali Medina Marcelo Dinelli and Milet Figueroa. According to the communicator, the couple is not separated, and they will only wait for the moment when the Peruvian and the Argentine meet again in the land of Messi, so that everything will be as before.

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The host talks about the breakup rumours Marcelo Dinelli and Milet Figueroa. For the host, the relationship cools and the Argentine will have problems with his daughters and what they think of his current partner. The split due to the 'Philando' host's birthday has fueled suspicions of a rift.

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Pictures MAGALI TV LAW FIRM, showed dysfunctional discharge of Dr. Fang From the Inca Clinic. The surgeon, who appeared wearing a surgical cap and mask, fled the scene with the help of two men who helped him get into the vehicle to provide reports and cameras and leave the scene.

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couple Millie doll reveals that Dr. Fang He did not know his partner. As he intervened on Wednesday, he came for check-up only on Sunday. For his complaints only the nurses administered painkillers and the surgeon who performed the surgery did not attend. Florine's brother, Oliver Quispe, asks for justice and confirms that the surgeon never showed his face to the family.

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Jaime Guispe Mani, Flor Sheiza father, condemned Dr. Fang For the offense of manslaughter resulting from malpractice. The young woman entered the Santa Catalina clinic for liposuction on March 27, and her condition worsened the next day after she developed multiple abdominal pains. On April 3, we received information that the daughter had died.

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According to the report of the program, the artist underwent surgery on Holy Thursday and after the intervention he complained of a lot of pain in his stomach. She cried out how strong she was, so the nurses were sent for Fang He has only been injected with painkillers. After a few days, they noticed that the doctor was no longer responding to their calls or messages. It was on Monday night that he was admitted to the ICU as his condition worsened. The result: death.

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Magali Medina He begins his plan by revealing that the cause of Tall Millie's death was a perforation in the intestine. The wrong practice caused her so much pain that her surgeon did not realize the seriousness of the events. For this reason, she was transferred to a specialized intensive care hospital, but it was too late and she lost her life.

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In a preview of what will be seen on the April 3 show, it was announced that more details about the country singer's death will be revealed. Sheesa Flower, Milli Doll. As can be seen, family members, friends and colleagues are demanding justice and blaming Dr. Fong for this death. Also, the doctor was at the Inca clinic at this time, and the artist was not there.

Preview of Magaly TV La Firme: All the details of the death of Muñequita Milli | Magali TV La Firm

Wilfredo Quispe Casper, Munikitha Milli's husband, could not help but feel the pain and used his social networks to send her his last farewell with an emotional message, which has caused sadness among her fans. The couple has a one-year-old and four-month-old child, who is now motherless.

Munikita Milli's husband bids her farewell with the poignant message, “A thousand years will pass, I will love you.”

Flor Sheiza Quispe Sucapuca passed away this Wednesday, April 3, due to malpractice after a cosmetic intervention.

Millie doll died after surgery. Latin

After publishing that news Flower Shisa Quispe Sukabuka, Better known as 'Millie doll, Died due to apparent malpractice, the local music world is in mourning. Many of his followers are stunned that the artist, who was full of lifelong dreams, was unable to fulfill them and passed away at the age of 23.

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This April 3, folk singer shisha flower, Better known as Millie doll, died at age 23, apparently as a result of abuse at the hands of the famous Dr. Fong. More than once condemned by Peruvian artists for the same crime. The news shocked the artist's supporters. Tonight, the famous Urraca will explore this topic.

Tall Millie dead: Everything known about country singer Flor Sheesa's death after liposculpture

The national art world is in mourning over the demise of the folk singer. Relatives and his legal representative accuse Dr. Fong of malpractice

Millie doll died after surgery. Latin

A terrible news has left the music industry reeling. Young singer Flower Shisa Quispe Sukabuka, Known as 'Millie Doll', He died at the age of 23. The artist was at the Clinica del Inca located on Avenida 28 de Julio. Miraflores.

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