Chilean Senate's Economic Commission Unanimously Approves Online Gaming Bill

The Economic Commission of the Chilean Senate has taken an important step by unanimously approving a bill to regulate online gaming in the country. The decision paves the way for a vote in the Senate, where its final approval will be determined.

During the session, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Heidi Berner provided details on the tax burden associated with the plan. According to projections, the regulation is estimated to generate annual tax revenue of around €82 million. Berner highlighted the importance of establishing a specific tax in addition to VAT and income tax to ensure adequate contribution to the public treasury.

In this regard, emphasis has been placed on the need to clarify miscalculations spread during the implementation of the project. The idea of ​​gambling tax reaching 37.8% was rejected as 19% VAT would be added along with other specified taxes as suggested. The Under-Secretary of the Treasury has explained that this calculation does not take sufficient account of the nature of VAT, which operates with a credit and debit rule. It is important to remember that gaming casinos are already subject to taxes such as VAT, income tax and a certain tax.

In addition, it has been agreed to continue working with other senators on perfecting the plan. Issues to be addressed include strengthening rules for legal operators and adjusting the transitional regime. This refinement process will be carried out on technical tables with the participation of legislators and their advisors to guarantee the adequacy and effectiveness of the proposed regulatory framework.

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