Russia talks about Ernesto Bustamante’s statements | Peru

Embassy of Russia He issued a statement today in Lima on the latest reports of the Congress Ernesto Bustamante (Fuerza Popular) Russian Ambassador to Peru, Igor RomanchenkoHe would have published insulting phrases against Peru.

“Monday the 2nd, Ambassador Russia In Peru, (Igor Romanchenko) in a private conversation told me harsh and inappropriate phrases towards Peru. He said he wanted a prison for the president, a change of ministers, a “revolution”. This, in the presence of the ambassador of another country. I reprimand with respect and determination,” the Fuerza Popular congressman wrote on his X account on October 4.

What does the Russian Embassy say?

Below, we disseminate the document published on the networks of the Russian Embassy in the country:

-Regarding an unfortunate misunderstanding in a private conversation with a member of the Peruvian Parliament, we would like to clarify the following.

It is not our tradition to comment on the content of individual conversations with representatives of various political forces in the host country.. However, some publications on social networks, then disseminated by some media, go outside the framework of globally accepted ethical standards.

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In this context, we are forced to remember that Russia’s traditional line and this embassy strictly adheres to the dialogue with the Peruvian government on the basis of equality and mutual respect, the principles of friendship and cooperation, non-interference in internal affairs. Mutual consideration of the interests of both parties is a proven fact in the history of our long-standing bilateral relations.

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We believe in the stability of Peruvian government institutions, We stand ready to cooperate constructively with them and extend our congratulations to the government of President Tina Bolvart, who is working tirelessly to strengthen Peru’s international prestige and the well-being of the Peruvian people.

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