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Russia The warhead uses an upgraded version of its FAB-1500 guided missile Ukraine causing great destruction. A new element in the conflict has shown that the country is ruled by the arms industry Vladimir Putin It has not been actively eradicated, as one might think, even two years after the invasion began and after the application of severe economic sanctions by the United States and its allies.

According to the News Network The FAB-1500 It's a simple old Soviet-era weapon Now it's a guided glider bomb that can leave a crater 15 meters wide and wreak havoc. Deployable wings are also included in the artifact.

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The FAB-1500 It weighs 1.5 tons, almost half of which is high explosives.

They are launched by fighter jets From about 60 to 70 kilometers away, several outside Ukrainian air defense range, CNN says.

A FAB-1500 bomb. (Russian Ministry of Defense).

Its use was noted in the recent fight for the city KrasnogorivkaBelongs to Oblast Donetsk (Controlled by region Russia), the Russians are taking the city “very aggressively and using air force resources. FAB-1500”, CNN pointed out.

“Earlier they attacked us only with artilleryNow the orcs [rusos] “They took the city very aggressively and started using Air Force assets, especially the FAB-1500,” an Air Force soldier told CNN. 46th Ukrainian Separate Airmobile Brigade.

“Why do they use FAB-1500? Because the damage is so severe. “If you survive, you don't survive a concussion,” he added.

Puts a lot of pressure on players' morale. Not all our men can resist it. They were more or less used with the FAB-500 (without its predecessor's gliding capability), but the current FAB-1500 is hell,” the soldier continued.

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He said he could see pictures circulating on the internet showing a bomb hitting a multi-storey building. KrasnogorivkaIt is on the front line of the war in eastern Ukraine.

“Epic images of a direct impact FAB-1500 against a target Krasnohorivka” said a Russian military blogger over the weekend, Newsweek noted.

CNN ran the latest videos Donetsk explained The immense power of these bombs When attacking thermal power plants, factories and apartment buildings; Places where Ukrainians coordinate their security.

Joseph Trevithick wrote about the development of the bomb FAB-1500 For TheWarZone, “They provide a new and more devastating range attack option for many tactical aircraft. Russia, “They also help pilots stay further away from enemy defenses.”

“These weapons have a significant morale effect, and large explosions are seen and heard over a wide area,” military expert David Hambling told Newsweek.

The expert confirmed that these gliding missiles allow Russian attack aircraft to “hit ground targets with high precision” without the risk of Ukrainian air defense missiles destroying ships. “The current version has an accuracy of more than 10 meters, which practically guarantees to destroy the target with a large weapon like the FAB-1500,” he said.

The FAB-1500 may not be a revolutionary weapon, Hambling argued, but “it does real damage.”

For her part, Marina Miron, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of War Studies at King's College London, told Newsweek: “It's not true that they are more destructive, but the recently updated new revision vol. to ensure accuracy.”

A FAB-1500 bomb is attached to a Russian fighter jet. (Video recording).

Soviet-era weapon

Bomb FAB-1500 It is the largest of the Soviet-era FAB series, which includes the FAB-250 and FAB-500.

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According to In recent months, the engineers have a job Gliding system that significantly increases tactical capabilities Bomb. Work is underway at an industrial complex near Moscow.

According to Newsweek, Russia has developed these unguided munitions with a kit called the UMPKwhat Adds planning and guidance to “dumb” bombs, turning them into “smart” weapons.

After some trial and error exercises, in September of the year The first bomb FAB-1500 He found his war target precisely With direct impact, reported Global Security. Thus, the last major test was completed before getting the green light for mass production and operation. Now Russia has a cheap and modern bomb in its arsenal.

In January of this year, Russian Defense Minister El Español noted. Sergei ShoiguVisited one of the largest munitions assembly plants in Moscow, where they were shown a skid system developed for the bomb. FAB-1500.

In a video released by the Ministry of Defense, the company that develops them highlights the high-precision munitions product that turns old free-fall bombs and any kind of active guidance system into weapons that fly towards their target.

The FAB-1500 It is 2.76 meters long, 63 centimeters in diameter and weighs 1,500 kg. On impact with its target, it can create a crater 15 meters in diameter and move fragments about 500 meters.

A Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet taxis on the runway during the Technofest festival at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport on September 17, 2019. (Photo by Yasin AKGUL/AFP).

The bomb is anchored under the wing of aircraft such as the Su-34M fighter-bomber or the Su-35C multirole fighter-bomber. and launched at the indicated location. The maximum deployment altitude is 12,000 meters and its initial glide speed depends mostly on the aircraft, although it can reach 1,900 km/h, already in supersonic terrain, El Español says.

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On February 24, 2024, the video capture was posted on the official Telegram account of Denys Pushil, head of the Donetsk region in Ukraine, appointed by Moscow. (AFP).

Avdiivka was used in the fall

CNN details that the bombs FAB-1500 were used extensively in destroying Ukrainian defenses AvdivkaIt fell into Russian hands in February.

Place of Avdivka. (AFP).

Yuri IhnatAn Air Force spokesperson Ukrainetold CNN “Before and during the war Avdivka, hundreds of aerial bombs were dropped in days. 250 of them were used at the Avdivka address in just 48 hours.

Justin Bronk, a senior researcher at the Royal United Services Institute in London, told CNN that “while making the glider devices is a bottleneck, the basic explosive package (the Russians) have is huge.”

Now, CNN notes, The Russians have a very heavy firepower to put pressure on Ukrainian fixed defenses. Increases enemy casualties, though not enough to seriously change the front lines.

“It's not a cheap or quick change, but it's still far less than the millions of dollars a missile costs. “They're pennies compared to a missile,” Ihnat told CNN.

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