Samsung Air Conditioning Technology Saves Up to 77% Energy for Greater Daily Efficiency – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung Air Conditioning Technology Saves Up to 77% Energy for Greater Daily Efficiency – Samsung Global Newsroom

The digital inverter compressor avoids unwanted noises, has a 10-year warranty, and maintains temperature without switching off and on multiple times.

Air conditioning was once considered one of the villains of electricity bills, but it has become an increasingly essential component of well-being in environments such as the home, office or hybrid spaces dedicated to various activities. You can know the benefits of the tax here WindFree™ air conditioningIt offers a more complete experience, especially in terms of efficiency and economy, allowing the temperature to be maintained using a minimum of energy without wind or annoying noise.

The big differentiator of the product is the technology Digital Inverter Compressor, which maintains the desired temperature without turning the device off and on multiple times. In addition to avoiding noise, the product technology creates a Energy saving up to 77% [1] cheater Compared to conventional equipment and there is a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

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The equipment is capable of maintaining comfort regardless of the weather, as well as having air purification capabilities. Good Sleep Mode regulates the temperature to keep the environment comfortable during sleep, while Easy Filter Plus removes 99% of bacteria and allergens along with dust collection. [2]. It also has Auto Clean, an automatic cleaning function that removes dust and moisture from the heat exchanger.

For its part, the Fast Cooling digital inverter technology makes the device cool 43% faster with its design.[3], another function that makes everyday life easier for users. Also, the model cools the environment without air[4]That is, it gently circulates the air through its 23,000 micro-outlets throughout the surroundings.

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[1] Tested on AR09TXCAAWKNEU model compared to regular Samsung AQ09TSLXEA model.
[2] The test was carried out on a SA604C model air purifier in a 1m closed chamber3 in the Department of Microbiology of the University of São Paulo (USP). This product helps prevent the spread of disease, but does not replace the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, including vaccination.
[3] Tested on the AR12TXCAAWKEU model compared to the regular Samsung AQ12EASER model.
[4] No Wind: Direct air as defined by the American Society of Refrigerating, Heating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), eliminating the WindFree mode, defines the no-wind effect by air currents blowing at speeds less than 15 m/s. .


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