Sankey Megaport: What is its impact on the Peruvian economy?

Chancay Megaport is scheduled to be completed in November 2024 as the first phase. Photo: Composition Infobae/Aarón Ramos/Andina

In terms of international trade, the incorporation of performance criteria in the transport of goods, in principle, allows for the reduction of maritime freight, and is very important. 80% of world trade moves by sea. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said.

International trade drives the construction of high-capacity ships, for example, the world's largest container ships are built in Asia, capable of exceeding traffic of more than 24 thousand TEU, but not all ports are ready to receive. That is why their regular routes are between Asia and Europe.

Construction of the Chancay Megaport (80 kilometers north of Lima) to be built by Cosco Shipping Ports Chancay Perú SA will be able to receive these mega ships. To date, the immediate precedent in the call of mega container ships occurred in 2023, when the port of Kalaw received a container ship capable of transporting 16 thousand TEU.

Earlier in the month, former Chilean President Eduardo Frey called the attention of his country's government to the upcoming opening of Sanque Port in Peru, which, unlike his own port, does not have terminals of that size. (MEF)

The future cargo and ship handling capacity at Sankey Port will only be offset by cargo from other ports in the region (South America) and will use the port. Chanke as a concentration center (regional center) before being loaded onto these megaships bound for China. By the time Sanke Port is operational, it will be one of the largest equipped and best automated ports in the region, with lower carbon emissions and shorter handling times for vessels and cargo than other ports produced. in the region.

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In addition, the freight journey between Peru and China will be reduced from approximately 30 to 20 days, which also reduces the costs of ocean freight, thus reducing the cost of placing Peruvian products in their destination China. Happens with powered objects China to Peru. Thus, Peru will benefit from China's integration strategy Economies of scale In the competition to dominate the international commodity trade.

The program creates and will create benefits in the labor market. During the construction phase, a significant demand for jobs is linked to the construction sector, but by the time the port becomes operational, logistics operators, professional service firms and others will be added and they will increase the demand. Jobs with specific technical and professional profiles. To this must be added the specialized labor required for factories and transformation centres, which are part of the port project and for which reason responds to the strategy. ChinaTo take advantage of the same as used in its ports Integration economies Industrial clusters will emerge in the city in future Chanke or adjacent to it.

All these projects are expected to be in the city ChankeIt will create demand for 20 thousand jobs in the medium term, directly and indirectly, benefiting the particular locality and even adjoining areas, but this requires planning now, improving the technical and professional qualifications of the locality. They can be absorbed with the development of skilled employment in their area.

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