Security guard jobs threatened by labor reform

The National Confederation of Private Security Associations (Confevip), which is concerned about the government’s labor reform, A study was carried out on the possible consequences this could bring to the union.

(Labor reform will end 450,000 formal jobs).

In his words, the Chapter of the Collective Bargaining Act redefines collective bargaining and contract, imposing job stability and indefinite contract as a general rule and strengthened labor protection, as well as reforming surcharges. The working hours of a department that provides services 24 hours a day are a large part of them “Worries”.

“Imposition of indefinite contract as a general rule and strengthened labor protection, as well as modification of surcharges and days of the sector providing services round the clock are some of the major concerns”The federation says.

(Labor reform will increase informality, warns Anif).

Thus, they made a series of recommendations in various articles to improve their proposal and especially to maintain the job stability of their collaborators. In the case of an open-ended contract, it does not guarantee the long-awaited job stability or ’employment’ and, on the contrary, discourages investment.

For this reason, they recommend maintaining fixed-term contracts and work or employment in the case of supervision.

“Monitoring companies provide services to third parties for one year, 18 months, 9 months and others, and leaving the contract for an indefinite period, once it ends, will force us to suddenly cancel the compensation and employment contract. This will create costs that are impossible due to the characteristics of the service and this will undoubtedly affect employment” , says Miguel Angel Díaz, president of the federation.

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With this, CONFEBIP put on the table a plan to create 10, 20 or 30 hours of alternative working hours per month so that young people, elderly people and mothers who are heads of households have more opportunity to enter the economy.

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about, Superintendent of Surveillance and Private Security, Alfonso Mansoor Arrieta, who was able to see this concern in the sector, changes the working day and earns less.

“Thus, if there can be a clause in the labor reform to protect the workers and employers for all the informalities that exist, the sector should be thoroughly reviewed.” Agreed.

In this way, Confevip suggested thinking about the possibility of imposing schedules according to the economic activities of each sector where the natural change is at night, such as surveillance, restaurants, bars.

For Miguel Angel Díaz, it is clear that the sector needs improvements, for which he asks the government to take his proposals into account.


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