Sergio Massa faced massive attacks due to the economy and the Insaurralde case, but he avoided reacting.

Sergio Massa faced massive attacks due to the economy and the Insaurralde case, but he avoided reacting.

“They attacked us and we expected them.” With that phrase they summed up the precincts of the presidential candidate of the Union por la patria, Sergio Massa, his participation in the second debate. However, they were satisfied with what they perceived to be their performance, both in interactions with other candidates and in their own messages.

This time the economy minister and the official candidate must have faced more attacks than the first debate a week ago, especially because of the scandal of Buenos Aires chief Martin Inceralte, who resigned before the previous debate and some pictures of him on a luxury yacht in Marbella were in the news. “They did it a week late, but we expected it. It was laughable that they didn’t use it in Santiago del Estero (home of the previous debate),” they added, referring to the protests.

Massa could not avoid being at the center of questions when the manufacturing growth axis touched on economic issues, with his rivals blaming him for inflation and the rise of the dollar. However, the candidate avoided reaction and remained in line with the proposal.

Although Massa’s performance depended on their rating of place satisfaction. In a two-hour debate at the headquarters of the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). “Using minutes, answers and questions, we wanted to say what our proposals were, and we did. Sergio was very convincing in everything”They added.

They considered it in those ways “He alone had proposals for every print”, addressed this opportunity with reference to three topics: security; Human development, housing and environmental protection, and employment and production. At the same time, they noted that the idea of ​​creating an “Argentine FBI” that Massa mentioned in his presentation was “an idea he had for a long time.”

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“Masa, I can’t believe what you are saying. A dollar for a thousand mangoes, you walk into a store and initially spend 5,000 pesos. At customs you have ‘Tongolini [por el secretario de Comercio, Matías Tombolini]”, Patricia Bullrich chided him. Massa replied that they looked like “Swedish paratroopers”. And he crossed paths with Juan Schiaretti on suspensions from regional economies.

Massa rushed Javier Miele in several passages.An authoritarian bias” when it comes to security Miriam Bregmanwhom the libertarian had denounced.

To those close to him, Massa has managed to maintain the mold initially proposed, in which he announced at the start of the debate that he was not looking for chickens, but instead made known his plans if he were to become president. “He was well focused and showed what it would be like to be president, without slipping into chicanery or aggression.”Narrated by a ruling party member who followed minute by minute from the front row.

Massa comes into the discussion after a tough week. First the Insaurralde scandal erupted, Tigrinez quickly tried to consolidate, and then there was a new rise in the dollar, which exceeded 800 pesos.

Before he arrived at the building located on Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, Massa was in the hotel owned by the Luz y Fuerza Union in the Recoleta neighborhood. Surrounded by many people he trusted, he finished reviewing his performance. Several space correspondents passed through, such as the ambassador to Brazil. Daniel Cioli, Ministers Victoria Dolosa Bass, Jaime Persic and Gabriel Katopodisand secretaries JUAN JOSE PAHILO e of Ignacio de Mendig.

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Massa was accompanied almost all the time by his wife and Aisa’s owner. Malena Calmarini; Vice President and Strongman of the Buenos Aires BJ, Juan Manuel Olmos; Catalan Counselor, Antoni Gutiérrez Rubí; Campaign Manager and Home Minister, Peter’s Edward “Wado” and by his contact manager, Santiago Garcia Vasquez.

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