Seventh AFP 2024 rollback: This is how positions of MEF, Economic Commission and GOTCO are divided in Congress

The MEF and two congressional committees ruled on the withdrawal of the AFP. – Composite Credit Infopay/Edwin Montesinos Nolasco/MEF/Congreso

Discussion this month AFP withdrawal In Congress; However, the situation could not have been more complicated. As recalled, in the previous assembly, Commission on Economics, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence A majority of the proposals endorsing the provision of private pension funds come together in a single report with the administration's proposal to reform the entire Peruvian pension system, put forward by former Economy Minister Alex Contreras.

Such a political move, including the withdrawal of 2 UIT for the unemployed, was verified by Contreras, causing congressmen to reject the proposal, who did not vote in favor of debating it again. Retro D 4 outLike any benches We can Peru and Peru Libre They seek recognition. So, there were positions in favor of withdrawal of 4 UITs from these parties and from a section of people – read the comments on social networks and the attention given to this demand by the Congress sessions. AFPs, Central Reserve Bank President Julio Velarde and Banking Supervision, Insurance and AFP (SBS) were against it. Former minister Contreras was also against, but decided to verify the withdrawal of 2 UITs, which the president of the Economic Commission, César Revilla of Fuerza Popular, included in the report.

Two weeks into the legislature, positions on the measure have shifted, and new political actors have joined the quest for approval. Seventh retreat AFP's in 2024, another curious congressional commission and new Economy Minister, Jose Arista. Who agrees with the comments?

According to Wilson Soto Palacios, the president of this commission, the withdrawal of the AFP may be in the hands of Kotco. How many UITs do you see as viable? – Composition Credit Infobay/Edwin Montesinos/Congreso/Andina

Recalled, Chairman Economic CommissionCésar Revilla, of the party Popular ForceThe AFP has been heavily criticized for “blocking” withdrawal plans by linking approval of the provision of 2 UITs to the pension system reform bill, a projection rejected by congressmen.

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However, the former minister resigned within a few days Alex Contreras -With whom Revilla agreed, his own bill included his vocal proposal to allow the unemployed to withdraw only a limited amount of 2 UID- The head of the commission changed his mind, indicating that there was consensus this time. 4 ITU provision. “We have no problem with it being four. He MEF “We are coming out of recession,” he said. We can withdraw and it will be put to the consideration of colleagues. If approved, it will be requested to take priority in the full agenda. “We are adjusting the text so that it has the largest possible consensus,” he told Semana Economica.

As is known, the latest AFP pension plans indicate that these payments will be made as an anti-recession measure, however, Revilla is more in agreement in allowing the S/20,600 that Peru is said to be recovering -However, the government has indicated that it has not observed this improvement in the economy, despite the confidence of the previous minister.

The new Minister of Economy should establish a position on the new withdrawal of the AFP. Does he agree with the previous owner and BCR? – Collection Credit Infobae/Edwin Montesinos/Andina/Congress/Presidency

Equally, Revilla It still considers this withdrawal within the framework of pension reform. And, as is well known, Congressmen from Pero Libre and Podemos Peru disagree on bringing these issues together. It is more, worthy streetA member of the last bench sent an urgent letter to Revilla's office: “Following the precedents of Extraordinary Laws N°31017, 31068, 31192, 31498, I request that the estimate include only bills to recover AFP funds. It was not presented as a concept that accumulates legislative initiatives that deal with other issues such as the withdrawal, and the modernization of Peru's pension system,” said the member of parliament.

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One of the latest surprises regarding the AFP withdrawal request came a few days ago when the head of the Commission for Consumer Protection and Regulatory Bodies of Public Services (Codeco) of Congress, Wilson Soto Palacios of Action Popular Bank, has shown his interest in collecting these bills for ratification.

“We are going to meet on March 4, our first session of this parliamentary recess, and we are consulting with the heads of the Consumer Protection Commission. We are going to ask that these bills be passed to us. This also happened in 2020, and a concept was approved. [de retiro AFP] In Codecosaid the Member of Parliament Canal N.

The AFP Association spoke through its spokesperson about the withdrawal of the AFP in 2024: they do not think recession is a reason to allow it. – Credit package Infobae/Edwin Montesinos/Andina/Diffusion

As you remember, the former was fourth AFP withdrawal This was approved in this commission, and allowed members with no contributions for 12 months to access 4 UITs – then it was S/17,200. With the acknowledgment that Kotco can now see these withdrawals, they plan to examine three programs that verify distributions of up to 4 UIT.

All that mentions BCR and SBS continue to oppose AFP withdrawal, in addition to the AFP association. But Jose Arista recently assumed the leadership of the Ministry of Economy, replacing Alex Contreras – the latter has been vocal in rejecting the withdrawal of the 4 UITs, even indicating that he would abide by the rule if it was approved.

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Even in the same position, The new president of the MEF is José Arista, was not so definite about the course of action. However, he voiced his criticism. “This authorization to release evidence from the AFP is not really convenient for the country. The truth is, I don't know for whom it is appropriate, because many who were authorized in the previous expansion did not. (…) As I mentioned last time, out of every 10 Peruvians affiliated with the AFP, today 2 Only people have pension status because these continuous schemes were withdrawn. resources,” he questioned succeeded.

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