Teacher Recruitment 2024: Time Table, Seats, Vacancies and Last Minute | Answers

In support of the budget for the current fiscal year, Education Minister Miriam Ponce Verdis announced that there will be a new competition. Teacher appointment 2024 Aimed at teachers who are part of the Common Teacher Profession (CPM). Thus, teachers who manage to recognize what is determined Mined They are likely to get good salary.

How many seats are available for teacher recruitment 2024?

In his presentation to the Congress of the Republic, President Minedu announced that a total of 20,000 new appointment positions will be available by 2024 so that academics can be promoted. Likewise, Ponce Verdis indicated that his ministerial department has implemented the necessary measures to evaluate the work teachers are doing, as well as pay increases.

What are the requirements for 2024 Teacher Recruitment Competition?

According to Minedu, the requirements to be part of the teacher nomination competition are:

  • Must have a teaching degree or a degree in education
  • Comply with the requirements as per the selected Registration Committee in Annex III of the Regulatory Document
  • Good physical and mental health to enable you to practice teaching
  • Not convicted of an intentional crime
  • Not having been convicted of official corruption offenses or drug-trafficking offenses or violent acts that violate fundamental rights to person and property.
  • Disqualification from public office is not due to dismissal, dismissal or judicial resolution
  • Non-registration of sanctions in the National Register of Sanctions against Government Servants (RNSSC).
  • Not in the register of debtors of civil reparations for intentional crimes (rederesi).

It is important to note that these are the general requirements that all teachers applying for the General Teacher Recruitment Competition should know. Now, if you want to know more about specific clauses, you can enter this .

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What is Payment by Magisterial Scale?

According to the Ministry of Education, teachers are paid based on the work they do, the amount of teaching they are a part of and the hours they work. Therefore, we offer the fees teachers receive:

Magisterial Scale (Octave)

  • S/6.485 (30 hour day)
  • S/8.230 (40 hours shift)

Magisterial Scale (Seventh)

  • S/5,665 (30 hour day)
  • S/7,470 (40 hours shift)

Magisterial Scale (Sixth)

  • S/5.237 (30 hour day)
  • S/6,900 (40 hour shift)

Magisterial Criterion (Fifth)

  • S/4,525 (30 hours shift)
  • S/5,950 (40 hour shift)

Magisterial Criterion (Fourth)

  • S/3.325 (30-hour shift)
  • S/5.190 (40 hours shift)

Magisterial Criterion (Third)

  • S/3,670 (30-hour shift)
  • S/4.810 (40-hour shift)

Magisterial Criterion (Second)

  • S/3,385 (30 hours shift)
  • S/4,430 (40 hours shift)

Magisterial Criterion (First)

  • S/3,100 (30 hours shift)
  • S/4,050 (40 hours shift)

What is MINEDU?

The Ministry of Education (MINEDU) is the Peruvian government body responsible for formulating and implementing the country's education policies. Its main objective is to promote the human, cultural and social development of the population, guaranteeing quality, inclusive and equitable education for all Peruvians. MINEDU's mission is to ensure that education is a fundamental right and an important tool for the progress and well-being of society.

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