The Hive mission is now working in deep space

Between applause and hugs, researchers at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) conducted A historic moment For Mexican aerospace engineering: the Colmena mission was a success.

In an interview for UnoTV, Gustavo Medina Danco, head of the project, confirmed the operation of Colmena in deep space.

“This is really a historic day, today, in fact, we have verified the technology that we have been working on for many years at UNAM, which is the micro-robotics technology for space exploration in deep space far from Earth. 370 thousand km away, outside any protection of the Earth's magnetic field, in deep space, we We've done all those tests, and that makes Mexico a member of a very exclusive club of very few countries that have ever had test technology.”The in charge explained.

With this, the Mexican scientist explained that the technology and materials developed in our country can be replicated in future research projects.

“Although we are not going to land on the moon due to a problem beyond our control aboard the Peregrine, this effectively positions us to continue with the other Colmena missions: Colmena 2 in 2027, and Colmena 3 in 2030, so that Mexico, “in the coming decades, will reach the moon and become part of human society in this new era. , be an important player in the space industry, so yes, it's a great moment for Mexico, for Latin America. And even for Latin America.”Gustavo Medina-Danco explained.

The best progress, the expert explained, is that mini-robots will be able to operate in the future Space mining.

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“Imagine an asteroid going and launching 10,000, 100,000 of these little robots that eat minerals and have minerals that are rare on Earth, like platinum, rare earths for electronics, and take them somewhere. To be taken on another ship, to earth.”The scientist noted.

The analyst said he was proud of that Hive He said this is the result of the minds of the young students who are the new generation to project the future.

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