Yahaira Plasencia defends herself after walking out of an interview: “I will never speak for a show that disparages me” | Magali Medina | Magaly TV Company | Panamerican Radio | programs

Yahaira Placencia Magali Medina came forward to defend herself from the criticism by leaving an interview on local radio after realizing there was a micro from the show.

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In reports for Carlos Carlin’s digital project, Saspan accused Radio Space of not complying with the agreed upon production contracts and allowing the “Magali TV: La Firme” team to enter the studio without their permission.

“My interview for the radio this time. Something left the radio and they didn’t agree. As an artist I have every right to respect myself as a human being, as an artist, not as an artist and you have to put up with them whenever they disparage.”; ‘Queen of Toto’ questioned.

When asked why he made the radical decision to abandon the interview, Yahaira Plasencia assured that the “Urraga” project was only trying to criticize him for a reason that he did not need to announce to his cameras.

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My peace of mind first, when I’m not happy with something I talk to my team and they schedule it for another day. (I walked out of the interview) because I wasn’t going to sit with the cameras of a show where they were always disparaging me and criticizing me for everything. I do well, they speak worse, I do worse, they speak worse”He insisted.

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