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Joel counts down the time Alecia and Jimmy have been apart in “There’s Room in the Back”. Photo: Compound LR/ America TV

Love is crazy in “Al Fondo Hey Sitio”! In the latest episode of the America TV series, Alessia y Jimmy They had a quick farewell, which was not easy to achieve. With Diego’s plan to separate them by sending his daughter to study in Spain, young Gonz├ílez’s family is united to achieve one goal: the couple to stay close before being separated for three years. That way, Pepe and Tito distract Diego so Miss Montalban takes off in a taxi driven by Joel in disguise.

Once on the beach, Jimmy shows up and the two of them go into a tent overlooking the ocean to have sex. ‘Fish Face’, always jocular, took time with his watch After 2 minutes the youth left. However, in the end it was about a simple idea that occurred only in Gonzalez’s mind and not in reality.

What was Diego Montalban’s real motive in sending his daughter to Spain?

Diego hinted that he accepted his succession relationship with Jimmy Gonzalez. However, he planned for her to forget about Alesia. He doesn’t say it publicly because that’s the reason he’s getting back with Francesca, but internally he doesn’t want them to be together.

Where to see “there is room in the background”?

To watch new episodes of “Al Fondo Hey Sitio” you can tune in to Signal America TV At 8:40 p.m., “This is war.” Additionally, you can watch popular miniseries from any device by installing the app America TV GOThere you can access all the episodes.

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