These podcasts top Spotify’s most popular list in Spain

These podcasts top Spotify’s most popular list in Spain
Spotify has become one of the most important platforms in the world due to its extensive catalog of music and podcasts. (Infobae)

While there is much debate about the origin and history of the podcast, there is no doubt about it The rise of streaming platforms such as Spotify in the new millennium has boosted the format’s popularity.

As the word says “Internet”It is an audio product that describes an episodic series that the user can listen to whenever they want. The term was formally born in 2004When the iPod and the broadcast are combined.

Be it health, sports, politics, culture and entertainment, the format has regained its popularity among the Spanish population, although not all genres enjoy the same acceptance.

1. As if no one was listening

As if nobody asked, Chris Blanco, a communicator and content creator in social networks, deals with issues related to emotions, mental health, experiences, reflections, current affairs. You will feel your day to day being with you, you will know yourself more and you will have a pleasant time like a chat between friends.

2. Marian Rojas Estebe’s podcast

In this podcast, physician and psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé helps us understand the fundamental aspects that affect our physical and mental health every day. Understanding is relieving and in every chapter he shows us this from his experience and knowledge; In it you will receive advice on how to live more harmoniously through knowledge of our body, mind, behavior and our emotional world. You will understand that there may be a way to access how to do good things for yourself, you will learn about cortisol, the reticular system, oxytocin, the prefrontal cortex, and you will have the necessary tools. People around you. .The Marian Rojas Estapé Podcast is an exclusive podcast on Spotify. Credits: Script and Voiceover: Marian Rojas Estep Produced by: Editorial Espaza Direction: Sergio Garcia Janez and Sarah Aylon Recorded by: Margot Martin (Editor: Joseon)

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3. One man per person

A person to a person is a place to get to know the human race better. It is produced and presented by Tamara Bassos (putamen_T), a biologist specializing in cognitive neuroscience and science advocacy. Each chapter addresses a socially relevant topic in three sections: evolutionary biology and neuroethics.

4. It’s not the end of the world

A weekly podcast by The World Order (EOM) to understand what’s happening in the world. Analysis, context and nuances of international reality. Because keeping up to date with what’s happening beyond our borders doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. Produced by The Voice Village. Follow us on world wide networks.

5. Nobody knows anything

Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero sit face to face, microphone by microphone and improvise. What could go wrong? The humor of these two geniuses is gold for your ears. Deep down, open them well so that no one knows anything. Live on Saturdays at 12:00 on Cadena Ser and anytime if you subscribe.

6. Night terrors

Horror stories, mysteries, true cases, unexplained events… Every Tuesday we bring you a new story that will keep you awake. With Emma Trains and Sylvia Ortiz. Produced by David Fernandez Marcos. Illustrations Get a paid subscription to TheGray.Art: https:anchor.fmterroresnocturnossubscribe


Presented by: Pedro Buerbaum. New podcast every Thursday. Conversations without cuts, filters or scripts. All kinds of guests. Follow us on our social networks.

8. Forest plan

New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Welcome to The Wilde Project, Geordie Wilde’s podcast. Current affairs, sports, talks with very interesting guests, science, events and interests, debates, philosophy, psychology, mystery, horror… and more. Each week we speak clearly and fearlessly about the world around us. Don’t miss out!

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9. You don’t know this

This podcast tells you things you didn’t know at breakfast so you can say them at lunch and sound super smart. A window into history, science, culture, geography or psychology in 5 minutes. Esta no te la sabes is an original Spotify podcast created in collaboration with The Voice Village. Monday to Friday.

10. ElvaAbril’s podcast

I will share with you the psychological tricks that have helped me greatly improve my relationships with myself and others.

*Some titles may not have a description because the site does not provide it.

Podcasts have regained strength among users of streaming platforms, especially after the coronavirus pandemic (Getty Images / Lourdes Balduk)

A podcast is an audio product It has a limited duration and can be made up of several episodes, although its origins are in radio, today those who prefer this format can find it on web pages or on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Podcasts started as a discussion between different participants on a specific topic, but over time the ways of doing them have diversified, now one person can speak or a group; Likewise, they are not only a place to exchange points of view, but also include categories Interview oh ImaginationAs happens in the suspense story of the Chilean production Case 63One of the most listened to podcasts worldwide.

The term “podcast” was first used on February 12, 2004. Guardian journalist Ben Hammersley discusses in an article how financially viable it is to create a radio program online and have users access it whenever they want.

Although there are various debates about when the first podcast appeared in history, many experts point out that the idea has been around since its creation. Thomas Alva Edison’s phonograph in 1870When intellectuals like Philippe Hubert, Octave Uzan or Edward Bellamy predicted that people would “close their eyes and read books, newspapers and magazines”, even mothers would snort their children with bedtime stories.

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms. (spotify)

Swedish company Spotify In November 2020, it announced the purchase and acquisition of advertising and podcast platform Megaphone for $235 million, which helped monetize audios and peak the production of this genre, which became one of the preferred formats of 2022.

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Over the past year, Spotify’s podcast offering Expanded into new markets and recorded the existence of more than four million podcasts, although some managed to become more popular in 2022, leaving more of a mark.

Globally, the title headed the rankings of the best podcasts The Joe Rogan ExperienceIt also topped the list for the third year in a row.

He was followed in the most requested list Call her dad By Alex Cooper; The third step is located Anything goes with Emma ChamberlainA future Spotify exclusive that touches on various tracks from the popular American creator.

Chile Audio Series Case 63 Topping the Most Played charts for weeks, it was ranked fourth worldwide. This Spanish podcast is dubbed in Portuguese, Brazilian, Hindi and English.

It was called The True Crimes Podcast on the Fifth Floor Crime Junkie Voiced by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat.

The other half of the ranking was completed by titles such as The Daily; called the Latin product of suspense Tales of the Night; así como On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Daily Dead talks with armchair expert Dax Shepherd.

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