This is what teachers’ salaries in Peru will look like after the November 2023 salary increase | Answers

Teachers and assistants in government schools will get a new salary hike in November this year as part of the Full Monthly Remuneration (RIM) under the Ministry of Education’s teaching reforms (Mined) after it was resolved in the Single Union of Education Workers of Peru (Sudep) with Minedu.

What are the Magisterial Criteria for 2023?

As per the teaching scale for appointed teachers, their minimum salary will be Rs 3,100 as on November 2023. Below, we present the 8 salary levels available for teachers, although this depends on the working day.

In case of contract teachers working for 30 hours in educational institutions, they will get 3,100 baht as monthly salary. Now, if they work fewer hours, they will be paid in proportion to the prior agreement.

What is the salary of teaching assistants?

In case of recruited and appointed assistants, they will get a salary increment of S/800 corresponding to 6 hours per day or 30 calendar hours, which is the law no. 31638, as contemplated in the Public Sector Budget Act. For FY 2023.

How is a teacher’s salary determined?

According to the official information obtained from the official website of the Ministry of Education (Minedu), Full Monthly Remuneration (RIM) is the amount paid to appointed teachers based on the teaching volume and working hours they are part of. They have. Also, the monthly remuneration of contract teachers shall be subject to the working hours established for the mode, form, position or cycle of rendering their services.

When will the strike of university professors in Peru take place?

The Association of National Universities of Peru (AUNAP) has announced that starting September 26, the country’s university teachers will go on an indefinite strike. The class strike will begin in the last week of September as the professors do not feel that the “ruling governments are not being held to account”.

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AUNAP, together with the National Federation of University Teachers of Peru (FENDUP) and the Federation of Teachers of Public Universities of Peru (FENDUPP-HIST├ôRICA), expressed their dissatisfaction with the little development seen in the country’s higher education centers.

Through a statement, they pointed out that all these organizations were able to join together and create a group of the Peruvian University Teachers Union (USDUP), with the aim of being taken into account by the Executive and Congress of the Republic. Proposals and initiatives for justification of university teachers.

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