University Education | PUCP adds Chemical Engineering to its offer: the number of students it attracts and the field of activity of these professionals | Economy

University Education |  PUCP adds Chemical Engineering to its offer: the number of students it attracts and the field of activity of these professionals |  Economy

Economic machinery of the country is needed Professional profiles increasingly specialized. Industries such as mining, agribusiness and food require chemical engineers to develop sustainable processes.

However, as of December 2022, according to a study conducted by the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Peru’s College of Engineering (CIP) only registered about 17,000 registered chemical engineers, representing only 5.77% of specialists from 19 engineering professions. (PUCP).

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Likewise, more than 1,400 companies can use it Chemical Engineers; The food and beverage industry appears first, followed by the chemical industry, mining (metallic and non-metallic), textile industry, other manufacturing industries (paper, cardboard, leather, machinery, etc.) and extractive activities (mining, gas, oil).

Therefore, the PUCP Degree in Chemical Engineering will be awarded. Fiorella Cardenas, the race’s director, told Guestion that the professional race will be taught from next year, 2024.

40 students are expected to enter per semester in March and August”, he explained.

Although this is a new industry in the university, PUCP has been developing research projects related to this field since 2010, he said. “In addition, we have technology in laboratories such as industrial processes, energy, biology, mineralogy.”.

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Development Departments for Chemical Engineers

The director Chemical Engineering He said that graduates in the industry can specialize in two important fields: chemical processes, (mainly related to cement, metalworking, metallurgy and non-metallic mineral industry) and biological processes (focusing on organic products from the food industry, agricultural industry and cosmetics; as well as utilization of agro-industrial residues).

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He explained that chemical engineering graduates can work along these lines:

– Supervision of processes in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, polymer, metallurgy, extractive industries etc.

– Management in the areas of quality control, quality assurance, industrial safety, production, projects, commercial and sales.

– Design of new processes for the chemical industry that are economically viable, safe and have low environmental impact.

– Evaluation of appropriate methods and equipment for the production of new materials and products.

– Management and development of research and technological innovation projects in fields related to existing production processes or new initiatives.

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