University, the leader of Group G of the Copa Sudamericana in a stadium of 50,000 souls | Universitario vs Santa Fe, Chronicle | George Fossati | Game-Total

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And university is not just names. Because if Compagnucci was questioned two months ago for not playing Piero Quispe or for not giving faith to Emanuel Herrera, today Jorge Fossati made sure not to miss any player, even with the casualties of Quispe and Luis Urruti.

It was a feat that saw the U’s go twelve games unbeaten at the hands of the Uruguayan coach. Because Horacio Calcadera owns the midfield and sees Rodrigo Urena as his best bodyguard. Because Andy Polo runs freely on the right, Martin Perez Guedez always finds him at the best moment.

And polo is all confidence and authority to face. He is always proposing a direct attack, winning the line or looking for a diagonal, but always thinking about the opposite area. This is how he developed key objective measures for creams.

Not to mention what Alex Valera and Emanuel Herrera are doing above. In one play they got in the way, but in general they always complement each other. This time the goal went to Emmanuel, but it was Valera who made the moves to leave the rivals’ defense in a bad light.

The formation lasted as Cabanillas and Polo were full-backs who gave the team more depth, as behind Corso, Riveros and Di Benedetto, they had no problem tackling their opponent if needed to avoid further dangers. And from midfield, he is pure brilliance.

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That’s why the Argentine defender also celebrates scoring the second goal of the game with a header. Award for good work done by Universitario in set pieces. This is how they built Goyas and this is how they punish Santa Fe.

Fossati Invicto

And it will be history for the cream box. Although Juan Eduardo Hohberg boasted a 36-game undefeated streak in 1974, Jorge Fossati is on track to better the streak of other coaches passed by the A’s. Now he is 12 games unbeaten, equaling the tally achieved by Osvaldo Piazza in 1998, Angel Comiso (2020) and Carlos Campagnosi last year.

The Uruguayan is now looking to rub shoulders with the 15-match unbeaten streak of Roberto Salle (2020), Ricardo Gareca (2008) and Sergio Markarón (1993). The records were surpassed by Juan Carlos Oblitas’ 22 in 1987 and Hohberg’s aforementioned 36.

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