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There are situations when known in Social websites They go viral instantly. This is the truth of a taxi driver from Mexico named Christian Michael. He tearfully recounted how he brought an old woman to the asylum.

The man revealed all through three videos uploaded to his account TikTok () First, one day, at about 10 o’clock in the morning, he made it clear that he did not want to accept any service as he planned to have breakfast; However, he forgot to disable the Uber app. That’s why he got a warning.

“And I can’t refuse rides because Uber is punishing me”, assured the taxi driver, who eventually arrived where he was supposed to pick up his client. While there, he saw an old lady sitting on a stool with five black bags. As he said, the lady was crying.

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When Christian contacted the person who requested the service, he said that he was not going to leave his house and to pick up the old lady on the street. This is how the driver got out of his vehicle to go to the old lady. When she saw him, she cried even more.

In a second viral video, the taxi driver claims he asked if there was anything he could do to help him. “Then he tells me: ‘I don’t want to pass out. I’m peeing myself'”, said the man who was shocked to hear his words. He then indicated that he had asked him the following: “Tell my daughter that I have done nothing wrong, that I can wash my clothes if she wants, and that I pee. I didn’t do anything wrong”.

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But despite all this he had to do his duty. That’s why the old lady loaded everything she needed in her vehicle to get inside. “When she got into the car, she started lowering the rear window herself. We left and he leaned out the window and blessed the house.Christian insisted.

Already during the trip, the woman told her that her son-in-law was angry with her because she had urinated on her clothes. The subject, according to a third viral video, yelled that he was already fed up with her person and was going to send her somewhere convenient.

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The old lady was not protected by her daughter

As the old woman’s daughter did not protect her at any time, the son-in-law called her to the nursing home, put the old woman’s clothes in a black bag and took her to the street. He asked her to sit down and wait for the taxi.

“It says before 9 (am). Alas, I got the alert at 10am. Poor girl.”said the taxi driver. The old woman tells me: ‘My daughter is not like that, but as I have already sold my property and distributed the money to my children at once, my daughter has changed, and the truth is, I do not know her.Added the driver.

“He told me: ‘They didn’t even serve me breakfast by saying I prepared breakfast. I’m fasting.”Christian then said, who, after asking, decided to give him one “Pancake” That was bought.

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When they reached the nursing home, the lady thanked her for listening to her. “Torta”. But that was not all, because she also told him that neither her daughter nor her son-in-law remembered that day was her birthday. The taxi driver assured the old woman that he did not charge her any fare and that at least she would be comforted that she would not be with her harassers.

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