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The national team, led by experienced coach Jose Castillo, beat Ecuador 3-1 in the fight for third place to climb the podium as it secured the last spot for the first-ever world event. This category was recently developed by the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation). Brazil and Argentina took the other two tickets to the finals.

Although the Cuzco player is only 14 years old, Peru has one of its figures in young Galilea Fuentes Holcado – who gives up two for the category. But the striker felt his height of 1.80 meters was the best.

“This is the basis of future plans for changes and restructuring in Peruvian volleyball. Such news is good for all of us who follow this sport,” says Tabatha Belen, a journalist specializing in volleyball, who is responsible for the commentary of the match for the official broadcast.

Total joy to qualify for the first Under-17 World Championship. (Photo: Jesus Saucedo)

Names like Gianella Chanca, Carla Chavar, Ariana Vásquez, Paola Moreano, Lucero Rebata, Fariuzza Mora are trying to make a place for themselves in Peruvian volleyball. They have been playing in school matches and have been working with the Under-17s since May with a view to this South American tournament, where they will aim to qualify for the World Cup.

It is noteworthy that a large proportion of women come from the provinces. Paola Moreno from Quilabamba, Carla Sauver and Ariana Vasquez from Iquitos, Gianella Vasquez from Trujillo, Arlene Condori from Punto and the aforementioned Galilea Fuentes from Cusco.

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Galilea Fuentes had to come live in Lima to train with the national team.  (Photo: Jesús Saucedo)

Galilea Fuentes had to come live in Lima to train with the national team. (Photo: Jesús Saucedo)

“This is a team of all bloods. There are representatives from the coast, the mountains and the jungle,” they tell us from the Peruvian Volleyball Federation. And they highlight that last year the girls were identified by the technical command in the school matches, and this year they went looking for them to be included in the team.

Gianella Sanca (Trujillo) and Paula Moreno (Cusco) play in Repasa Acosta, who were last year’s South American champions. Galilea Fuentes (Cusco) and Carla Sauer (Iquitos) joined the University of San Martin this year.

“You have to take care of them. It’s important that they come from the provinces, but they still need to be polished,” Tabata says of the national team.

player age Dalla Association Ciudad
Brenda Gabriela Quiros Ampuro (Libero) 13 1.74 Gemini
Camilla Lorena Monge Combe 14 1.80 Tank lids
Isabella Escudero Coalition 14 1.68 Tank lids
Carla Garmin Sauer Bilgo 15 1.75 USMP Iquitos
Ariana Nicole Vasquez Guzman (Captain) 14 1.75 Humming bird Iquitos
Paula Abigail Moreno Urquiso 15 1.74 Repasa Acosta Cuzco (Quilabamba)
Fariuzza Nicole Mora Zamudio 15 1.80 Lima Alliance
Gianella Alessandra Sanca Tigla 14 1.75 Repasa Acosta Trujillo
Shadia Milet Fort Grounds 14 1.78 Washing
Valeria Galilea Fuentes Holgato 13 1.80 USMP Cuzco
Camila Lucero Rebata Silva 15 1.74 Tupac Amaru
Alexa Yulhi Centeno Osorio 15 1.72 Gemini
Arlim Rosario Condori Dunas 15 1.80 America Abundant
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In addition, some women have a height of 1.80 meters, which is sought after in the new generations of Peruvian volleyball. Monge, Mora, Fuentes and Condori are at that level, followed by Shaddia Campos (1.78), Chavar, Vásquez and Chanca all at 1.75.

There is a lot to improve technically and tactically, but it is important for them to start their journey in the Peruvian team with World Cup qualification and playing in front of their people. Ante hit a home run in Satibo and another in Lima, and produced a brace against Argentina.

(Photo: Jesús Saucedo)

(Photo: Jesús Saucedo)

(Photo: Jesús Saucedo)

(Photo: Jesús Saucedo)

Ecuador reached medal qualification and World Cup chances and surpassed Chile in the standings with Bolivia. Tabatha Belén reminds us that there is a Cuban technical command in the northern country, and that those in the highlands work alongside the Argentine. That means they have clear plans on the table. We hope to develop a long-term program with girls in Peru and build generational improvements.

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