What did Flavia Laos say after Luciana Fuster’s coronation?: “You stayed, Luciana took big steps forward”

Louisiana Foster A new one is crowned Miss Grand International 2023 And all praise and applause for Patricio Barodi’s girlfriend. However, the opposite has happened Flavia LaosShe has received thousands of comments comparing herself to beauty queens on her Instagram posts.

Laos continues his career as an influencer and is present Miami, working with various brands. But he didn’t imagine that all the comments they were about to make would be related to the coronation of Fuster, the girlfriend of his former partner, Patricio Barodi.

Flavia Laos comments on Instagram about Louisiana Foster’s coronation.

“Beautiful, but you were Flavita. Luciana advanced in giant steps”, “How small is your eye”, “Patricio knows well how to choose, that’s why he stays with Queen Luciana”, “You already Flavia, Luciana has hidden you”, “Flavia endures, she beats you once more Luciana” , some comments that can be read in his publications.

Some have asked Laos directly what he thought of Louisiana’s coronation Influencer It has decided to ignore it and not respond to any comment. The Austin is Paula’s girlfriend She has also received encouragement and good vibes from her followers who have come out to defend her.

Comments on Flavia Laos’ Instagram.

“Why do people come here to comment that Louisiana is Miss Grand? We are happy for your achievement, but it is better to comment on Louisiana’s profile. Don’t be mad”, they said, “Critics are happy with the crown, which means that Flavia’s presence can do more than they can afford.”

In his last publication Flavia Laos, she’s promoting a lipstick, but, to do so, she dresses up as Maleficent for Halloween, wearing the black horns worn by the character. The public did not miss this either.

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Users began commenting that this was due to the “horns” they claimed he had Patrizio Barodi With Louisiana Foster, early in their relationship.

“But how comfortable the cuckolds are, referring to ‘Duck’ wearing them to be with Luciana”, they say, “Beautiful. You’re the queen of queens. You should be Miiss Perú Universe”, “No comparisons needed, Flavia is into something else”.

Flavia Laos comments on Instagram about Louisiana Foster’s coronation.

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