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Share it It is one of the apps with millions of users. Currently it is the application with the greatest growth not only in people but also in activities. Younger people are more stopped in the application and currently, they have developed different codes.

For example, Not only popular numbers, but words like “GPI” are also found. Do you know what this means? Well, if your son sends the word to the family group Share itHere we tell you all the details.

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Of course, remember that this is not rude or bad, that’s why we will tell you the correct translation of “GBI”.

What is “GPI” on WhatsApp for Teens?

  • It’s not bad at all. The word “GBI” is very similar to saying “xoxo” in that they are a series of acronyms for a phrase or sentence.
  • The word “Gpi” means “thank you for calling”.
  • It can be used when someone unexpectedly invites you to an event or even to a party and going out.
  • For example, it can be used in sentences like “It’s amazing what you do with Gpi” or “I really like what you did with Gpi”.
  • It will show gratitude to the other person who considered you or thought of you.
  • It also helps to inform the other person that you will not be able to attend even if there is an invitation.
  • Remember, if your best friend doesn’t know what “GPI” is, it’s a good idea to explain it to them.
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