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case ‘Gudo’ Guadalupe It continues to be one of the most talked about topics in recent days. Now, the former baseball player is known not only for his catchphrases and his flair for the ball, but also for the ‘ambe’ he discovered in his current partner. Charlene Castrowho was seen leaving a hotel with another man.

The truth is, as a result, thousands of people have started exploring every aspect of the famous former player’s life. University game. They started asking about the price of food served in his restaurant The Pearl, Gallao.

Cuto-16, star dish at Luis Guadalupe’s restaurant: carapulcra with dry soup. Photo: Cuto-16.

What is the price of ‘Carabulgra con Seca’ by ‘Gudo’ Guadeloupe?

A few years ago, exactly on March 18, 2023, Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe opened his business and opened its doors to all lovers of good food. As is well known, the main dish on the menu is its popularity Garabulgra with dry soupBut how much does this appetizer cost?

According to the letter on their website, ‘Cut 16′, the price of the popular ‘Karabulgra with Dry Soup’, It will be worth 40 nuevos soles.

His followers’ comments on his views on Peruvian pottage support him. You need to enter your official Facebook account to access the complete letter “Restaurant Kudo 16”.

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