What Melcozita criticizes Daniela Tarcourt after confirming her presence at “National Salsa Day” | Answers

Daniela DarcourtPuerto Rican salsa singer Tito Nieves will participate in the 40th anniversary of National Salsa Day in San Juan (Puerto Rico), according to event organizers.

“Daniela, who has been a huge success internationally, has accepted our invitation and we are very pleased with the Peruvian representation at our 40th anniversary celebration”Marcos Rodriguez, programmer of Zeta 93 FM, the station that organized the event, said in a statement.

In light of the news, musician and comedian Pablo Villanueva, artistically known as Melcochita, criticized the hiring of a salsa boat for the event. Next, let us tell you what he said.

What was Melcozita's review of Daniela Torcourt's appearance on “National Salsa Day”?

In the conversation of the newspaper ExpressTorcourt was expected to participate in the aforementioned event, as it was part of a ring, and believed that he and Antonio Cartagena should have been in his place, as they were more relevant abroad. “As we have been recognized abroad for many years, Antonio Cartagena and I must have been so determined” said.

Villanueva pointed out that although she has shown talent as a salsa singer, she still lacks the experience to represent Peru at such an international event. “The girl here has her audience, but she still has a long way to go outside, and she's just getting started.The dark haired man pointed out. “He's in diapers,” he added.

Proving his own importance internationally, Melcozita shared a video on his social networks where members of the well-known Grupo Niche from Colombia acknowledged him as fans.

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“I am not lying, there is proof, I am very loved abroad, where they admire and respect me, they follow my music and this has been going on for years. “He was a friend of Celia Cruz, her husband Pedro Knight, Cano Estremera, Cio Feliciano and many other real salsa stars.”under control.

When is “National Salsa Day”?

The 40th anniversary of “National Salsa Day” will be held next Sunday, March 17, 2024 at the Hiram Pithorn Stadium in San Juan (Puerto Rico).

The translator of “Mr. Lie,” “With My Friend,” “Probably,” “A Eisa,” “Ya No Te Amor,” “Adios Amor” will share the stage with other hits. Cuban group Los Van Van, Nicaraguan Luis Enrique, Puerto Rican Jerry Rivera and other artists have already confirmed.

What are the current events of Daniela Darcourt?

Daniela Darcourt is going through one of the best moments of her career. In 2023, the singer promoted her single “Fura” in several countries with the support of her godfather Tito Nieves. Likewise, the artist received a Latin Grammy nomination in the 'Best Salsa Album' category with his “Catharsis” album. EFE.

As you may remember, the song he recorded with Nieves called “Si Tú Te Atreves” opened doors for him internationally. He collaborated with well-recognized artists such as Olga Danone and N'Clabe, who produced the song “La Propilidad de Amor”.

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