Which Alianza Lima players will arrive at Deportivo Municipal for the Clausura match?

It was learned that certain Alianza Lima players could leave La Victoria to play with Deportivo Municipal when facing the finals.

Alianza Lima players can join Deportivo Municipal on loan. | Photo: Liga 1 / Libero combination

Municipal game Despite the positive results he achieved in , he did not have a good time Opening match. After the payment irregularities, the team will lose various players in the second half of the year, so it could be strengthened with some members of Alianza Lima.

According to journalist Marcello Merizalde from LÍBERO, Jose Bellina said recently Alto Olses At a meeting in La Videna, the municipal, private club offered to loan footballers to the ‘Edels’. So, everything points to having new members to close the ‘Strip’.

It is not yet confirmed who will be joining the team on loan Angel Comiso. However, it was revealed that they will be players who are currently either part of the reserves or do not have many minutes in the first team.

Alianza Lima can loan players to Municipal. Photo: League 1

It should be noted that Alianza Lima was recently crowned champion of Apertura, as it is no longer attainable on points. However, they will not lose sight of the Clausura in the close box, where they will have to show their best position to beat their rivals.

Which players have minutes at Alianza Lima?

You can find some players from Alianza Lima’s first team on this list, but not many chances. Even so, these footballers did not necessarily reach the municipality in the end:

  • Juan Pablo Goicochia (0 minutes)
  • Sebastian Amazifuyan (0 minutes)
  • Luis Nava (0 minutes)
  • Jao Velasquez (0 minutes)
  • Mauricio Arasco (0 minutes)
  • Italo Espinoza (0 minutes)
  • Jorge del Castillo (2 minutes)
  • Oscar Pinto (30 minutes)
  • Nicholas Amazifuyan (98 mins)
  • Oswaldo Valenzuela (159 minutes)
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