Narino gets innovation and technology from Samsung Colombia – Samsung Newsroom Colombia

Narino gets innovation and technology from Samsung Colombia – Samsung Newsroom Colombia

Choosing the best technology for the home is no easy task, which is why Samsung offers the latest in its portfolio in Basto.

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Basto, known as the ‘Surprise City of Colombia’, is the latest stop on Samsung’s multi-week tour of Colombia’s major cities. 2.9% of the total area of ​​the country and considered as a hub for environmental conservation with excellent agricultural industry, this region has unmatched natural treasures and is a bulwark for the preservation of cultural traditions.

The South Korean multinational offers various products and the way they are interconnected to fulfill their primary function, but at the same time take care of the planet and offer aesthetic properties suitable for every lifestyle.

According to the agency’s results, in 2022 Samsung recorded a share of 33.7% of the television market in the south of the country and 35.02% in Colombia. In this regard, the market share Cellphones accounted for 39.8% in the same region at the end of last year, ranking first, almost 17 percentage points higher than its closest competitor. The same surveys show that more than 34% of users in the region prefer Samsung brand washing machine.

Technology has become an ally to carry out daily activities, reduce distance, improve communication with our loved ones, facilitate access to education and information, improve healthcare and service, and work together wherever we are. Samsung Appliances is one of the biggest partners for the home and at this event, we were able to provide a way for each product line to adapt to the lifestyle of the residents of the region.

A cellular phone for the most demanding users

Those from Narino who are looking for the most technological devices in the market can opt for the Galaxy S23 5G series (Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G, S23+ 5G and S23 5G), which has the most powerful processor optimized for the Galaxy and includes improvements and improvements. Its cameras.

Nightgraphy technology – advanced night mode – along with powered artificial intelligence, takes photography to a higher level for those looking for great shots. In addition, fans of Pasto, Ipiales, Tumaco or cities near the stars will be able to take pictures of the constellations, thanks to the Astrophoto and Hyperlapse functions present in these teams, which allow them to capture the starry sky.

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Smartphones Perfect for a day adventure

The Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G are the latest devices in the A series and thanks to their IP67 certification, they are water and dust resistant, perfect for a day trip to one of the department’s natural wonders, users need not worry. About possible damage. Its screens offer amazing outdoor visibility even in sunlight, and its battery lasts up to 2 days on a charge.

Devices for Productivity

If multitasking and productivity are essential, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is perfect for working and taking your ideas to the next level, because in addition to its screen that doubles its size, it has a taskbar that offers the functions of a computer. Also, for content creators, the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G is perfect not only for its avant-garde design, but also for its FlexCam mode, which lets them take photos and Selfies Record videos from unimaginable angles without groups and extra accessories. Your camera is optimized to create incredible images for social networks.

Televisions and screens

The people of Narino are characterized by their desire to acquire televisions that guarantee high picture and sound quality; A fluid smart platform with innovative designs, as well as various entertainment applications. The products they are most interested in are smart TVs with QLED and Crystal UHD 4K images, equipment that guarantees a high-quality picture and sound experience.

Devices such as Neo QLED 8K and 4K offer a better viewing experience with higher picture resolutions and refresh rates, and more processing power to improve picture quality, making Neo QLED TVs suitable for everyone to enjoy. Your favorite content (movies, sports and video games) in high definition.

Enjoy content with great style

For those who love technology and design, Samsung’s Lifestyle Screens segment includes TVs and projectors with designs and features that blend seamlessly into any space. These products integrate smart functions and become an integral part of home decor.

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With The Frame, Narino residents will benefit from a customizable TV with different magnetic frames to suit any decor style. In addition, it allows you to display more than 1,700 works, photos or designs on the screen when you are not watching television. This lifestyle category is complemented by The Terrace, a TV designed for outdoors, therefore allowing it to accommodate entertainment anywhere in the house or farm due to water resistance and image quality in any light condition.

In turn, for those who like to entertain while walking around the apartment, The Freestyle is a smart projector that, thanks to its compact design and light weight, is ideal because it is portable and allows projection on any surface. It is a short-throw projector that can bring a cinematic experience to all homes in Narino with a projection of up to 120.

Avant-garde and technical houses

For Narino people, a fundamental element in their lives is technology, as refrigerators, washing machines or air conditioners allow them to save time and money while performing different tasks.

A great example of this is the Family Hub™ refrigerator, a kitchen assistant that lets you check what’s inside, create alerts for expiring products, program menus and create recipes from anywhere with your cell phone. flavors or refrigerated foods. In addition, it is an entertainment center that allows you to listen to music and watch TV[1] and make calls[2]Among other activities.

Some Samsung washing machines offer the ability to connect to the Internet to control, program and activate the washing and drying of clothes from anywhere from the SmartThings app.[3]. Additionally, it recommends rotations with its AI control[4] Based on usage preferences and optimizing resources for better washing.

Home Design: A Key Factor for Nariñenses

Residents of ‘La Ciudad Sorpresa’ are looking for fixtures that complement different spaces and have designs that suit their tastes, needs and personalities. A bespoke range of home appliances, consisting of three types of fridges (single door, BMF or lower freezer; and French door), dishwasher and microwave oven, is perfect for them. Thanks to the house, it adapts to different lifestyles, different families and personalities of users, while complementing the design of their homes.

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Appliances that care for the environment and the pocket

More and more users prefer home appliances that help with home use and allow them to save on functionality. Thinking about caring for the planet, Samsung has incorporated digital inverter technology into its white line products, which helps save energy as it increases consumption in refrigerators by up to 50%.[5] And up to 40% on washing machines[6].

Fast service and accessible to all

This introduction of new products is accompanied by a massive effort to build focus and service channels whatsapp channelYou can chat with experts to solve this by number
313 869 8800 and Chanel Sign languageProvides full support in this language with translators ready to fully experience all Samsung products.

For these reasons and more, Samsung devices are the perfect complement to homes in Cúcuta and the entire region. or if you want more information

[1] Compatible TV 2015-2017 Smart TV models: J/K/MU6400 series or later; 2018 Smart TV models: NU7400 series or higher; 2019 Smart TV models: Q60R series or higher; 2020 Smart TV models: Q60T series or higher and Lifestyle TV (The Frame, The Serif, The Sero).
[2] The ability to answer calls with your voice is available on any smartphone, but making calls with your voice is only available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
[3] Available on Android and iOS devices. Requires Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account.
[4] Cycle recommendation messages are displayed on the smartphone app. ** Available on Android and iOS devices. Requires Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account.
[5] Internal tests done by Intertek comparing conventional model Vs model with digital inverter
[6] Internal tests done by Intertek comparing conventional model Vs model with digital inverter


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