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Always focus on yourself Tickets As for a dollar, you never know when they’ll hit a big windfall. This is due to printing properties. There are pairs worth $150,000 America. How does that happen? Well, here we explain to you.

There are important ones The details or printing errors in the tickets make them uniqueAttractive and desirable Collectors Depending on the rarity and demand in the market, they are willing to pay tens of thousands and even millions of dollars.

It is significant The US banknote auction market is very broad And its bidders don’t shrink when they pay huge sums. So check your tickets because you can earn a lot of money.

A personal dollar bill for collectors (Photo: AFP)

What is the pair of dollar bills worth up to 150 thousand dollars?

Peculiarities in printing of currency notes Since they are highly collectible, they can be a great money maker.

One of these occurred in 2016 Printing Office He ordered two batches of one-dollar bills from two printing plants, which fulfilled the order, but an error occurred: Each printed 6.4 million dollar bills with identical serial numbers. That means there are 12.8 million bills that share the same serial number.

So if you have a dollar bill, check others to see if anything matches the serial number. As reported Depending on the condition of the bills, if you have a pair with the same serial number, they may be worth it US$20,000 y US$150,000.

Look for the bill that matches the serial number (Photo: AFP)

What if I think I got a pair of banknotes in the same series?

In this case, it is recommended Confirm its authenticity with a numismatist Or a collector. This expert will also determine the value you can ask for the tickets.

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