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The “musical capital of Colombia” received Samsung Colombia on its roadshow, the best technology and the most innovative in its portfolio.

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The needs of Ibaguereños and those living in the center of the country have led them to choose technological devices that support the performance of their daily activities. Characterized by its appreciation for nature and its ecological and cultural richness, this region seeks to blend the best of technology without losing sight of the preservation of its resources.

The presentation of Samsung’s product portfolio in mobile phones, audio and video and appliances explained the company’s various options to the residents of the region and how they work in various aspects to fulfill their mission and take care of the planet. Maintain certain traits that fit each lifestyle.

Samsung devices are one of the biggest partners for Tolimens homes, and at this event, each product line was able to offer a way to adapt to the lifestyle of the residents of the ‘musical capital of Colombia’.

A cellular phone for the most demanding users

Dolomites looking for the most technological devices in the market can choose the Galaxy S23 5G series (Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G, S23+ 5G and S23 5G), which has a more powerful processor optimized for the Galaxy and incorporates improvements and improvements in its modules. . Nightgraphy technology – advanced night mode – along with powered artificial intelligence, takes photography to a higher level for those looking for great shots. In addition, Ibaguereños, who are fans of the stars, can take photos of the constellations, thanks to the astrophoto and hyperlapse functions present in these devices, which allow them to capture the starry sky.

Smartphones Perfect for a day of adventure

The Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G are the latest devices in the A series, thanks to their IP67 certification, resistant to water and dust, perfect for a day trip to La Plata Falls, without users worrying about possible damage. Its screens offer amazing visibility outdoors even in sunlight, and its battery isn’t a problem as it lasts up to 2 days on a charge.

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Devices for Productivity

If multitasking and productivity are essential, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is perfect for working and taking your ideas to the next level, because in addition to its screen that doubles its size, it has a taskbar that resembles the functionality of a computer. Also, for content creators, the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G is perfect for content creators, not only because of its avant-garde design and colors, but also because of its FlexCam mode, where they can take photos and group selfies from angles they never imagined. Record videos without additional accessories. Your camera is optimized for social networks, for incredible pictures.

Televisions and screens for residents of Dolima

Ibaguereños are characterized by their desire to acquire televisions that guarantee high picture and sound quality; A fluid smart platform with innovative designs and various entertainment applications. Smart TVs with QLED technology and Crystal UHD 4K are products that guarantee a high-quality picture and sound experience.

Devices like Neo QLED 8K and 4K are ideal for sunny seasons in this central part of the country as they offer higher image resolution and refresh rate for better viewing experience and image processing capabilities; Therefore, Neo QLED TVs are ideal for Tolimenses to enjoy their favorite content (movies, sports and video games) in high definition.

New decor and service items

For those who love technology and design, Samsung’s Lifestyle Screens segment includes TVs and projectors with designs and features that blend seamlessly into any space. These products integrate smart functions and become an integral part of home decor.

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In turn, for those who like to entertain while walking around the apartment, The Freestyle is a smart projector that, thanks to its compact design and light weight, is ideal because it is portable and allows projection on any surface. A short-throw projector that can bring a cinematic experience with a projection of up to 120 to all homes in Dolima.

Modern and connected houses

Households in the heart of the country are beginning to see technology as a fundamental part of their lives, and appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines or air conditioners save time and money while doing tasks.

For Ibaguereños who seek to simplify their lives through technology and the Internet, a great refrigerator option is the family-centered cell phone from anywhere.

Some Samsung washing machines offer the ability to connect to the Internet to control, program and activate the washing and drying of clothes from anywhere from the SmartThings app.[1]. Additionally, it recommends rotations with its AI control[2] Based on usage preferences and optimizing resources for better washing.

Air conditioners are a must in hot climates, so Samsung’s WindFree™ line is a great option. Thanks to artificial intelligence and control from anywhere with SmartThings, these devices analyze environmental conditions and usage patterns to adjust cold spaces and temperatures without direct air currents.

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Importance of home decor

Design is one of the characteristic elements of the residents of “The Musical Capital of Colombia”, which is why when buying new equipment they look for different spaces to complement and suit their tastes, needs and personalities.

A bespoke range of home appliances, consisting of three types of fridges (single door, BMF or lower freezer; and French door), dishwasher and microwave oven, is perfect for them. Thanks to the house, it adapts to different lifestyles, different families and personalities of users, while complementing the design of their homes.

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Appliances that care for the environment and the pocket

The capital city of Tolima is one of the most environmentally friendly and caring cities in Colombia. Thinking about taking care of the planet, Samsung has incorporated digital inverter technology into its white line products, which helps save energy as it increases consumption in refrigerators by up to 50%.[3]Up to 40% in washing machines[4] and air conditioners up to 73%[5] in normal mode and 77%[6] In WindFree mode.

Fast service and accessible to all

This introduction of new products is accompanied by a massive effort to build focus and service channels whatsapp channel3138698800 number and channel to chat with experts for solution. Sign languageProvides full support in this language with translators ready to fully experience all Samsung products.

Through this tour, Samsung Colombia reaffirms its commitment to reach the home of all Colombians, with the latest technology applied to products for daily use with great innovation, quality and support.

For these reasons and more, Samsung devices are a great complement to coffee homes. or if you want more information

[1] Available on Android and iOS devices. Requires Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account.
[2] Cycle recommendation messages are displayed on the smartphone app. ** Available on Android and iOS devices. Requires Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account.
[3] Internal tests done by Intertek comparing conventional model Vs model with digital inverter
[4] Internal tests done by Intertek comparing conventional model Vs model with digital inverter
[5] Tested on AR09TXCAAWKNEU model compared to Samsung’s regular AQ09TSLXEA model.
[6] Tested on model AR07T9170HA3 based on the difference between fast cooling mode and airless™ cooling mode

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