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Strong and clear. Natalie Verdis He took to his social networks to respond to a user who asked him about his revelations during interviews with applicants Miss Peru 2023. The model was criticized for her rude gestures, and for this reason she decided to completely deny any discomfort she felt.

“My dear, I take my job very seriously. Whenever I have to qualify, I am very focused because I want to score and see clearly To the person who presents himself,” Yaco Eskenazi’s wife wrote.

To do this, she attached a photo where she was seen at a beauty pageant, and she is absolutely serious. She promised that “it’s her face” and she shouldn’t be judged for it.

“Here I was in Trujillo at the Peru Acting Model of the Year. My face is not new and I am not a very expressive person. Anyway, if I’m going to judge something, it should be for my actions, not my face. Peace and love to all”, he shrugs.

Natalie Verdis responds to criticism. Photo: Instagram

Critics of Natalie Verdis

Controversial. Natalie Verdis One of our representatives Miss Peru Many years ago and for this reason she was called to pass the test for beauty pageant candidates with a preliminary interview. The model queen asked the candidates questions in English, praised for her fluency in the language; However, a video observing his approach went viral.

Next Karen BlackOlga Zumarán, Romina Lozano and Alessia Rovegno, Natalie Vértiz got more than one candidate for Miss Peru in trouble. On TikTok, a video shows his countless gestures while interrogating. Users did not hesitate to comment on it and compare it with Alessia Rovegno.

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My face looks like Natalie all day, I’m not even mad haha“Natalie’s face says it all, if she’s bored with what she’s doing there”, “Alessia gives security to the candidates”, “Janik will never make that face, let’s see why he scored it”, “Alessia has an angel”, there were some comments.

Natalie Yakko is presented on the program

Natalie Verdis visited the set of “My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours” this Sunday, April 7, with her mother Patricia. Both in that sense They should prepare a routine Peruvian food.

Ethel Bozo and co-driver Yaco Eskenazi The guests announced that the food to be cooked had been packed by Kaikwa. However, the model was shocked by it.

“Who knows how to cook stuffed kaigua?”, expresses Natalie Verdis With a gesture of resignation. However, his mother confirmed that she knew how to prepare the food and could therefore provide him with symptoms of the case.

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