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Italian series “Girls Paradise” Broadcast from RTVE from Monday to Friday on the signal of television channel La 1, with a story set in Milan in 1959. However, the announcement that Wednesday, May 31, would not air on the television schedule was more than a follower. With doubts and misgivings. Did they cancel the show? What is behind this sudden off-air? Mac tells you what happened What is the role of “promise” in this decision?.

Period fiction, acted Guzzi Buscemi, Giuseppe Geno and Alessandro TersigniIt tells the story of shop assistants Teresa Iorio, Pietro Mori and Vittorio Conti, who offer variations on romance and their troubled times.

In this way, his proposal attracted public attention, adding another success to Spanish public television, “the truth”Fiction Ana Garces and Arturo Sancho It leads and breaks records for visitors.

Did “The Promise” replace “El paraíso de las señoras” in La 1’s programming? Absolutely not. But this week, a move by RTVE has somewhat affected the broadcast of the Italian series.

The protagonists of the Italian series “Paradise for Girls” (Photo: Aurora Films)

Why didn’t “Girls’ Heaven” come out on Wednesday, May 31 in Spain?

“Girls Paradise” The TV channel did not air an episode on Wednesday, May 31 1 To give up his place “the truth”A hit series that airs two episodes in a row on the last day of the outgoing month.

It was decided by RTVE as part of its strategy to increase the popularity of the production starring Ana Garcés and Arturo Sancho. Surprisingly, the television network announced that they were scheduled to continue Episodes 106 and 107 of “The Promise”..

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In this way, two hours of the series were planned, which exceeded an average of one million viewers on the small screen. The motives behind this move are that RTVE wants to make the most of it Impressive statistics of “Promise”. In its daily broadcast.

Ana Garces in “La Promesa” (Photo: RTVE)

What will happen to the “women’s paradise”?

Italian series “Ladies Paradise” On Thursday, June 1 at 5:25 PM, TV La 1 resumes its regular telecast through the signal.

The idea of ​​publication “Promise” followed by two episodes. It will only take place on Wednesday, May 31, although it cannot be ruled out that RTVE will relaunch the initiative to encourage greater public interest in the story set in Spain in 1913.

How to see “Girls’ Paradise”?

“The Ladies’ Paradise” premieres on April 9, 2023 Airing its first three episodes on La 1 and RTVE Play. As of Monday the 10th, the Italian series began airing daily after “La Promesa”.

It should be noted that “Girls Paradise” episodes are available absolutely free On the video-on-demand platform, in Spanish and in the original version.

“El paraíso de las señoras” premieres on April 9, 2023 at La 1 (Photo: Aurora Films)

How to see the “promise”?

“the truth” It airs from Monday to Friday Spain Through the signal of La 1, the first channel of Spanish Television (TVE). The series is available online and live through RTVE Play streaming platform.

Technical paper of “Promise”.

  • Original title: The Promise
  • Year: 2023
  • The country is Spain
  • Original idea: Joseph Sister Rubio
  • Executive Producer Bamboo Products: Joseph Sister Rubio
  • RTVE Executive Producer: Borja Gálvez
  • Producers: Ramon Campos and Teresa Fernandez-Valdez
  • Script Coordinators: Susana Brito, Ruth Garcia, Carmen Llano, Joseph Sister Rubio
  • Screenwriters: Alberto Crondona, Alvaro Bermudez de Castro, Benjamin Zafra, Juanma Ruiz, Felix J. Velando, Moises Gomez, Miguel Bueno, Rafa Gallego.
  • Directors: Miguel Conte, Javier Pulido, Eva Bermudez, Alberto Bernet
  • Production Director: Alberto Báez
  • Direction Coordinator: Patricia Gonzalez
  • Starring: Eva Lira and Yolanda Serrano
  • Original Music: Alex Conrado
  • Director of photography: Gustavo Gala, Oscar Barrio
  • Art Director: Marcelo Pacheco
  • Designer: Maria Gomez Lou
  • Editing: Johnny Madrilino
  • Wardrobe: Tania Alvarez
  • Makeup and Hair: Natalia Chez
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