Yasire Pinedo affirms that he held five meetings with Martin Vizcarra and Figueredo to get rid of Alberto Otorola | principle

Yazire Pinedo confirmed that he had a romantic relationship with Alberto Otárola, but before he became a civil servant. Photo: LR Mix – Video: 'Fourth Power'

Report a conspiracy. Yasire PinedoA young woman related to the former Prime Minister, Alberto OtterolaHe revealed that he had five meetings with former president Martín Vizcarra and his 'right-hand man' César Figueredo, whom he knew from PPK's presidential campaign in 2016. He reveals that they are a couple. – According to the testimony he revealed to 'Cuarto Poder' – he tried to obtain video and audio material that could discredit Dina Boluarte, a close collaborator of the then head of state.

César Figueredo is a 59-year-old lawyer and president of the Peru Primero party. Martin Vizcarra. When Yasire settled in Lima, this man became the leader of Kofobri and invited the young woman he met in Tarapoto to work with him. Yasir himself confirmed that they had a romantic relationship, although Cesar Figueiredo has consistently denied it: “I had an affair with him, he was my partner or something like that, which is completely false.”

In 2021, the young woman decided to leave her job in the state. At that time, she had already met Alberto Otorola, who helped her family with legal issues: “Due to depression due to the breakup of my parents, I tried to seek refuge with someone who would support me. I found it in Mr. Alberto.

relationship with Otarola Benaranda It only lasted a week but, according to her, she is no stranger to love problems. One of those phone conversations was recorded by her in a 15-minute video: “The problem was that I was very jealous. That's why in the audio, actually a video, you hear me say: Hey, I'm sick.” Now the former head of PCM is also heard listening to her CV, but she assures that she wants to help work in a private company.

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She showed off her laptop, which featured the much-talked-about video. There you can see the date of creation. “Medium was created on January 8, 2021.” “At no time did he offer me a job in the public sector because he was nothing in the public sector, he was only a lawyer at that time,” he commented.

Yasire says they plotted revenge against Otarola

According to version Yasire Pinedo, a few days after Alberto Otterola was sworn in as Minister of Defense, César Figueredo contacted her and asked her to meet him at the ministry to deliver a message from him and Martin Vizcarra. Apparently, the former president of Cofopri wanted to get a higher position in Sunarp. She agreed to convey the news, but the head of Mindef rejected the request.

An embarrassed Figueredo asked him to search his phones to see if he had anything against Otarola: “I show him the videos, I say to him, Doctor, look, I have this, and he tells me: Oh, yes , correct, but I'm only interested in one. which “Who gives me your CV?” This conversation took place in January 2023.

Next month, in February 2023, Yazire Pinedo commits Cesar Figuerato Y Martin Vizcarra His closeness with the then Defense Minister got him a job in the Ministry of Defence. Jorge Chavez Cresta. He rejected this version.

Between February and March of the same year, he was summoned to a house in San Ysidro where Martin Vizcarra's party was operating. Figueredo and the former president were on the phone. Both suggested that she was in a trap: “Daughter, you must bring him home. “That's what Figueredo says, and Vizcarra was listening.”

A meeting between the then Prime Minister and Yuvati took place. One night in the first days of March 2023, on the second floor of this building in Linz, Yasire has a small apartment: “Mr. Alberto went to my house and that's where he says no again, the video has passed and has nothing to do with it. He left, he retired, that day I asked the person, please, don't mention anything about this visit.

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Alberto Otterola's entry and exit was recorded on video and according to Pinedo, the recording was commissioned by Figueredo and Vizcarra's confidants. He assures that the meeting did not last more than 15 minutes. “That's where the plot is set, because I have you and I have him, and if they don't give me what I ask, they're being cheated,” Yasire says they told him.

In total, he assures that there were about 5 meetings in 2023. At 4, Vizcarra was on the phone and in person. All the nominations were at Vizkara Party campus. Figueredo is reluctant to give information, but Vizcarra assures that he never participated in those meetings.

Encounters between Yasire, Figueredo and Vizcarra

One of those meetings is on August 21, 2023. He produced this Uber receipt as evidence. Yasire says he brought his laptop to show Vizcarra and Figueredo 2 videos at the meeting: the first was in Alberto Otterola He asks for your CV. Another was an undated intimate video call between him and the former president of PCM. He says Figuerido recorded the material by pointing his cell phone at the laptop.

“Figueredo sticks Post-its on the laptop and shuts me down, and he (Oterola) comes out.” Vizcarra said: “That information is good,” he assured. Another meeting was held on September 19. Vizcarra was present and Yasire had a photograph as evidence. Nicanor Boluarte, one of those interested in releasing Otárola's private information, noted that the former president was happy with the progress.

In the following days, Yasire He began sending more information to Figuerido. On September 22, Otarola sends him a screenshot of a video of the night he visited her at her home. On September 24, he repeated the email sent by PCM in January of that year inviting him to work with them. According to Figueredo, in November 2023, he cut off contact with her. However, the chats provided by his recorded communications from January 15, 2024, in which they refer to the President's brother, Tina Polwarte.

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Yasire says Nicanor Bolwart offered US$200,000 for testimony against Otarola.

Dating from January 15, it makes sense Nicanor PolwarteBrother of the President In BoluarteThe young woman would have paid $200,000 for what she had in her possession. Yasire Pinedo. Apparently, there was a strong interest in having evidence that could jeopardize the permanence of Alberto Otterola at the head of the Council of Ministers.

– Yasire: If the dwarf leaves the kingdom, you can enter it.

— Figueredo: As long as he is alone, you can take him out, say something strong.

– Yasire: That brutal Nicanor, he should have been contacted, now they can get rid of him quietly.

— Figueredo: If I put it directly into his hand, he takes it out without making a sound. If Dina is president it's because you haven't detonated the bomb yet. Hahaha. They double the offer to 200.

Yasire Pinedo 200 means $200,000, he explained: “Sure, they (Oterola) can come out, for example, Mr. Nicanor went to his sister and said to her: Look, here it is, take it out. “Nicanor offered him 200 thousand dollars to provide audios and videos”

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