A 'Sound Garden', an experience that transcends theater and new technologies

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This Saturday the art project “Sound Garden” returns to the Botanical Garden of the city of Buenos Aires, bringing together and intervening playwrights, directors and actresses such as Andrea Garrote, Eugenia Pérez Tomás and Lorena Vega. Proposes a cross between public space and theatre, literature and new technologies, based on oral stories that explore the relationship between people and nature.

Under the direction of Aliana Alvarez Pacheco and Florencia Lavalle, this performance installation It discusses the relationship between the audience and the territory, and proposes to think about theater from public space and theater from public space, based on the encounter with literature and new technologies.

“'Sound Garden' was born from the meeting of several interests in 2019. In principle, explore spaces, forms and devices that cross the boundaries of theaters and invite the audience to the city in a very playful way. That is, to revisit. Those places that we usually travel to, adding a new meaning to them, of urban life. We are interested in the green spaces of the cities, like urban oases, which offer a different time connected with rest and pleasure, as opposed to the hurricane. ,” he explains to Delaware, Álvarez Pacheco.

The new phase of the art proposal will take place within the framework of the art cycle organized by the Barasso Club, whose 2024 project includes other recognized works such as “Testosterone” and “A Brief Encyclopaedia of Friendship”.

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The first edition in 2019 also focused on works written, directed and performed by female artists such as Mariana Chad, Giuliana Giers, Paula Marul, Rita Pauls, Vivi Dellas, Laura Paredes and Laura Santos.

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In this edition, the playwrights Cynthia Edul, Andrea Garrot, Agustina Gato, Silvia Gómez Ciusto, Mariana Oberstern and Eugenia Pérez Tomás participate; From the hand of illustrations by Andrea Garrott, Lorraine Vega, Agustina Muñoz, Dora Mills, Francesca Giordano, and Lucia Villanueva.

Alvarez Pacheco and Lavalle work in the field of arts and culture management and develop work experiences in public spaces. Álvarez Pacheco undertook the “Cities on Stage” project with Silvia Gómez Ciusto, and in 2023, together with the Friends of the Museum of Fine Arts, presented the collection “A Landscape for Me”, part of the Paraíso programming.

Together they thought of this project proposing drama, acting and stage space. But what is specific is that it is not a theater hall, but a play that lives in the body of the audience in a place that is not the symbolic park of the city of Buenos Aires.

When they outlined this second edition, the creators of the effort defined the authors as a whole, providing the audience with a diverse and heterogeneous dramatic body. The inspiration was for them to be nature-passed monologues in the broadest sense, lasting ten minutes each.

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“We believe that the theatre-technology nexus is enriching to expand access and create new forms of theatre. A big drive for us in this project is to reach audiences who are not accustomed to going to the theatre. This is where we focus on what people tell us, what moves them in each work and the experience in general. More The audience is there: young, old and even childhood. That's what excites us,” Lavalle added in the conversation. land.

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“The performance installation takes out the theater, it breaks the fourth wall categorically, it makes the city or natural spaces the stage, and in that way, it resigns the spaces we inhabit. It sees our everyday space differently. The eyes, “if we see them for the first time, another kind of experience of bodies. We will have The performance installation or 'site specific' changed the stage space and turned to new plays,” explains Cynthia Edul. of the playwrights participating in their spawning.

Paraiso Club is an arts venue that hosts one dance, theater or performance premiere per month and operates under an annual membership system. Members of the club receive a premiere each month, an excerpt of the work, limited edition material designed by the artists, a digital newsletter and a reference to the work that provides access to its languages. Benefits on various cultural initiatives and discounts on courses organized by the club.

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On this occasion, the set “Sound Garden” was performed by Andrea Garrott and her “And let the ghosts return to the world!” Made by the creation of; “I Love You”, performed by Agustina Gatto and Dora Mills; “The Sacred Hour”, performed by Eugenia Perez Tomás and Francesca Giordano; “Hermanos de Air”, performed by Mariana Oberstern and Agustina Muñoz; “Essential Green”, performed by Cynthia Edul and Lucia Villanueva; and “Una Exotica”, performed by Silvia Gómez Ciusto and Lorena Vega.

“As in all fields, the performing arts are not excluded from the gender gap. Therefore, from the beginning of 'Jardin Sonoro', we put forward to create a work that serves as a platform to disseminate the work of the creators we admire. Contemporary writers bring them closer to new audiences,” says Álvarez Pacheco.

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Meanwhile, Perez Tomás, director of One Works, explains that his approach to writing “rarely prioritizes the medium in which it is inscribed.”

“I don't spend too much time thinking about whether the text ends up in a book, a room, or a cell phone. I imagine the place and experience of the words in their context, and it's there. Realize that a new perspective begins to open up.” Dimension with the public who go to see, hear, feel and participate in the scene; “The form was new and confusing to me in this case,” says the author. “The Song of the Day” book.

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Performances will be on Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th at the Carlos Teiz Botanical Garden in Buenos Aires at 4pm and 5pm, and these performances will be exclusively with the Paraiso group. Provides programs and material.

The works can also be visited by the general public from Saturday 20th to Wednesday 31st, during park opening hours, 8am to 7pm.

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