Ahead of the Ligue 1 2023 final Alianza Lima vs Universitario Gino Peruzzi demanded almost 2 million dollars.

A few hours before the first classic of the Ligue 1 final, Argentina’s Gino Peruzzi filed a lawsuit in which he demanded almost two million dollars.

Gino Peruzzi claimed nearly $2 million against Alianza Lima. Academic.

First final Liga 1 2023 Alianza Lima Vs. Sports University at Memorial Stadium, before that Gino Peruzzi surprised everyone as he made a shocking request Before justice and can get almost two million dollars. Does this affect the focus of the page?

As journalist Cesar Louis Merlo reported on his social networks, “Gino Peruzzi went to court and asked for $1,700,000 in debt from his time with the San Lorenzo company. The case is already pending in National Labor Court No. 75“In this way, just before the finals of Peruvian football, Alianza Lima’s right back is involved in additional sports problems.

Immediately, many San Lorenzo fans attacked the Argentine defender, indicating that he was one of the club’s worst signings and other Boca fans assured him that he never stood out in the ‘Xeneize’. The truth is, regardless of injuries, Gino Peruzzi has left a good record in most of his games in blue and white since his arrival last season.

Gino Peruzzi with San Lorenzo before signing for Alianza Lima.

On the other hand, returning to the topic of the page’s request, let’s remember that he was part of San Lorenzo for four seasons from 2019 to mid-2022, when he arrived at La Victoria. In that period he has played a total of 33 games and scored twice, fewer than his tally at Alianza Lima.

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Gino Peruzzi Alianza Lima vs. Education?

Yes, the Argentina full-back is likely to start at Alianza Lima and will be Mauricio Lauriera’s starting line-up: Angelo Campos, Gino Peruzzi, Carlos Zambrano, Yordi Vilces, Ricardo Lagos, Josepmir Balon, Jesus Castillo, Brian Reyna, Jairo Conza, Altair Rodriguez and Hernán Barcos..

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