App Taxi companies to be held accountable for driver offences: MTC to block sites

Application requires taxi companies to be held accountable for crimes committed by their drivers | Panamericana

The Plenary Congress Enacted Act to Regulate Services Private taxi companies Through mobile applications with the aim of contributing to the user’s security and rights. This initiative was approved with 82 votes in favor and abstention from second vote.

It contains Bill 00842/2021-CR An alternative text has been attached. In particular, Article 5 of the aforementioned initiative states that companies are liable for crimes committed by drivers.

“Intermediary management companies of private special transport service through technical platforms, within an administrative process or judicial process, are responsible for the service inherent in the role of technical intermediary, negligent or active conduct in a way that they considered. , was clearly within their control,” the document says.

Likewise, the program provided Jose Luis Elias Avalos It has various modifications, but it will be used for companies operating in the country.

Application requires taxi companies to be held accountable for crimes committed by their drivers | Infobay Composite (Andean)

According to the concept, the minimum mandatory data that users should look at is as follows:

  • Identification of the vehicle providing the transport service (plate, colour, model and year).
  • Driver identification.
  • Fee for provision of service.
  • Eligibility and evaluation of service.
  • The route traveled by the driver from the start of the service, during the journey and to the end of the requested destination.
  • A warning mechanism in case of an emergency that endangers passengers.
They are applying with a Republican congressional bill seeking to regulate taxis. (Compilation: Infobae Perú – Andina)

He Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) Internet Service Providers shall ensure that access to the applications and web pages of companies that manage the intermediation of the private transport service through applications is not blocked. It is useful for those who do not comply with the security requirements established in the current law.

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The move seeks to ensure that specialized transport companies comply with safety regulations required to operate in the country. In addition, it is stated that a driver who recognizes that he does not respect the rules may be “temporarily or permanently suspended” from the podium.

This is effective until the taxi company’s legal proceedings are over, which the user must be informed about.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the study will no longer be carried out by the Urban Transport Authority (ATU) of Lima and Callo, but by the MTC and the Secretariat of Government and Digital Transformation.

Also, Article 3 requires a formulation National Register of Intermediate Management Organizations of Special Transport Service By technical platforms, it is the responsibility of MTC.

All companies that operate, manage or provide technology platforms for communication in private transport service domestically and abroad should be registered as such.

This list should Shared with MTC and updated quarterly. Likewise, it continues to publish it on its portal. Information is also available to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and the National Agency for Competition and Intellectual Property Protection.Intecoby)

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