Dina Boluarte: Joseph Campos confirms that gifting a watch does not constitute illegal enrichment

Joseph Campos He insisted that a watch was a gift In Boluarte This does not constitute illegal enrichment because for it to happen, there must be “an improper office practice” causing the situation.

In Boluarte He would not have committed any crime for receiving the prize for being the President of the Republic. This was pointed out by one of his lawyers. Joseph CamposThe prosecutor's office insisted that it was creating a perverse investigation.

“If somebody gives you a gift, it can be for any reason, because it's your friend, president, honor, whatever, foreign leader, whatever, it's a proper reception because it doesn't arise from malpractice. A position that is responsible for illegal enrichment. For the crime he took his position. Must have been misused,” he said on the RPP program 'It's Never Too Late'.

Joseph Campos, who is Tina Polwart's lawyer in the death-at-protests case, said not all impregnations are always illegal because they require “abusive office practice,” he said. And he didn't rule out the possibility In Boluarte Remain calm during interrogation by the prosecutor's office.

“If he remains silent, the only cost he has is political, not legal. I would not advise it, but even if it happens, the only liability he has is political,” he added.

In more than two years, Tina Bolavarde has earned more than 30 thousand soles, and the lawyer said that the increase in her assets can be given a “mathematical explanation”.

“What's wrong with that?”

According to the Banchero House registry, Wilfredo Escorima, governor of Ayacucho, bought a Rolex watch on the same day as the president's birthday and then went to the government palace, according to a report from Latina. However, the lawyer pointed out that there is no malpractice in this.

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“If she knows he's her friend and he's going to her birthday, what's wrong with that? The prosecutor's office should file (the complaint) so (Tina Polwart's) side knows what she's going to answer,” he insisted.

They are expanding the investigation

Advocate of the Nation, Juan Carlos VillanaAs of April 1, it said Tuesday that it expanded the factual framework of the allegations against the president In Boluarte For pledging over 432 thousand soles and 56 thousand dollars for a Cartier bracelet in 2 years.

According to the head of the Ministry of Public Affairs, in addition to three Rolex watches, the president also has jewelry worth more than 500 thousand dollars.

“In the indictment appears an increase of more than 432 thousand soles, which would have been within two years, includes observations related to their pledges. Likewise, the indictment was expanded for the possession of a bracelet Cartier. Open source, 56 thousand dollars, in addition, according to the same source, the jewels that he used in ceremonies this time 500 thousand dollars Beyond,” he said. Supervisory Authority.

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