Donald Trump News Today: Trump defends Mike Pence over classified documents despite smearing Biden

Trump says no documents found at Mar-a-Lago, ‘cold’ empty folders classified

Donald Trump leapt to the defense of Mike Pence on Tuesday after classified documents were discovered at the vice president’s Indiana home.

In the Truth Social post, Mr Trump called Mr Pence an “innocent man” and urged people to “leave him alone”.

That’s a stark contrast to President Joe Biden’s response to the discovery of classified documents at his Wilmington home and the office he used in Washington, DC.

Now, classified documents have been found at the homes of Mr Trump, Mr Biden and Mr Pence, prompting investigations into the matter.

The latest discovery at Mr Pence’s home comes on the same day a Georgia prosecutor weighed in on whether or not to indict Mr Trump and his allies for trying to rig the state’s 2020 election.

A judge in Fulton County is expected to rule on the public release of a grand jury report following an eight-month investigation into Mr Trump’s actions.

On Tuesday, Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis said she opposed making the report more public because she suggested a special grand jury had recommended multiple charges.


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McCarthy loses his cool to reporters with questions from George Santos

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy He decorated a reporter at the U.S. Capitol during a press conference on Tuesday. Punish Jorge Santos For repeatedly lying to the electorate and the media.

CNN’s Manu Raju on Tuesday protested calls for Mr. Santos to resign, questioning Mr. McCarthy whether the move, which many of his GOP colleagues have taken, was because he wanted to preserve the single-digit Republican majority in the chamber. .

John Bowden Here’s what was said from Washington, DC.

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After years of resistance, Trump discovered the texting, according to the report

As reported by Jonathan Swan and Maggie Haberman The New York TimesFormer President Donald Trump has invented texting.

Despite long fame for his unfiltered tweets (now facts?) in the public sphere, Mr. Trump has long avoided communicating privately via email or text, which may have helped him avoid worse legal risk than he currently faces.

Citing three people familiar with his new habit, Swann and Haberman report that the former president’s messages showed up on the phones of surprised recipients.

The absence of written electronic communication from the one-time president was noted at the January 6 hearing, while texts and emails from other Trump world figures were key to building the case against him.

To date, Mr Trump’s speeches have been described as benign, consisting of New Year’s greetings and political comments.


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McCarthy targets Biden with documents – despite new revelations about Pence

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy It tried to distinguish between the documents found on the former vice president Mike PenceFound at the house and the President’s Joe BidenHome in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Independent Asked Mr. McCarthy about CNN Report Mr Pence found the documents at his home in Carmel, Indiana and immediately returned them.

Eric Garcia Information about how the Speaker answered his question.

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See: Declassified documents found in Mike Pence’s home

Secret documents found in former US Vice President Mike Pence’s home

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s lawyer told the National Archives that documents with classified markings were found at his Indiana home last week — the latest in a string of discoveries of classified information in private residences. “What appears to be a small number of classified documents that were inadvertently boxed and transported to the former vice president’s private home at the end of the last administration,” his attorney, Greg Jacobs, wrote in a letter to The Associated Press. . Mr Pence served under Donald Trump from 2017 to 2021. Click here to sign up for our newsletter.

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White nationalist Nick Fuentes was suspended from Twitter after a day of backlash

Mr Trump has refused to condemn the two and the extent of their history Anti-Semitism and Mr Fuentes’ links to neo-Nazism, anti-LGBT+ bigotry and misogyny.

Alex Woodward The latest is available.

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Trump is blaming everyone else for the possibility of charges in Georgia

Donald Trump Officials in Fulton County posted a potentially revealing statement on Truth Social as the news broke Tuesday. GeorgiaA decision is imminent on charges against several members of his inner circle – potentially including Mr Trump.

The former president, out of nowhere, made his now infamous 2 January 2021 call to the Georgia Secretary of State. Brad Raffensberger In it he directed the state election chief to “find” more than 11,000 votes Joe BidenTotal in the state.

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Pence will travel to Florida on Friday

Former Vice President Mike Pence will visit Florida International University in Miami on Friday, January 27.

The 2024 contender is apparently in the state as part of a book released for his memoir. So God help me.

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House Judiciary Plans First ‘Biden Border Crisis’ Hearing

The House Committee on the Judiciary will hold its first hearing on the “Biden border crisis” on Wednesday, February 1 at 10 a.m.

President Jim Jordan tweeted the announcement: “Ready to get to work.”

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