El Peru – Law for the Protection of Women Heads of Households in Situations of Poverty or Extreme Poverty – Law – N° 31754 – Legal Branch


Act no. 31754

President of the Republic

How much:

Republican Congress;

He gave the following law:

Protection of Women Act

Head of household in a scenario

Poverty or extreme poverty

Article 1. Meaning of law

The purpose of this Act is to protect the head of the family in situations of poverty or extreme poverty who, regardless of marital status, undertakes the maintenance and upkeep of their minor or disabled children financially exclusively and permanently. , or your spouse or partner with a permanent physical or mental disability that does not allow you to defend yourself.

Article 2. Certificate regarding the status of female head of household

The status of female head of household is granted by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Population, which is responsible for verifying the status and issuing the certificate.

Article 3. Government protection for women heads of households

The Government shall establish necessary mechanisms to provide special protection to women heads of households by promoting and strengthening their economic, social, cultural, health and educational rights and allowing them access to various schemes developed thereby. For him to improve the living conditions of himself and his family.

Article 4. Access to educational services and legal advice

Under no circumstances shall educational services be denied to the children or dependents of the female head of the family. Vacancy applications for children of female head of family to access public education institution will be given priority until the requirements are met.

The government guarantees access to support services and legal advice to the female head of the household.

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Article 5. Promotion of empowerment of female head of household

The administrative authority, through its various public policies, designs and implements free and flexible training programs and programs for women heads of households to enhance their skills, build business and networks, and increase their time. Manufacturing initiatives that incorporate it into sustainable, economical and profitable activities.

Article 6. Governing Body for Protection of Women Heads of Household

The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations is the governing body for the protection of the female head of household and shall establish the necessary public policies and related agreements with regional governments and local governments and private companies to comply with this Act. .

Final Bylaws

First. Creation of register of female head of household

The Register of Female Head of Household, developed, formalized and prepared by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Population, consists of women certified as female head of households.

Second. Rule of law

The Executive, in coordination with the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable People, prepares the provisions of this Act within forty-five business days of its coming into force.

Inform the President for its promulgation.

At Lima, the ninth day of May, two thousand and twenty-three.

Jose Daniel Williams Zapata

President of Republican Congress

Martha Lupe Moyano Delgado

First Vice-President of the Republican Congress

To the President


The command is published and compliant.

Given at Government House, Lima, this twenty-seventh day of May, in the year two thousand and twenty-three.

Tina Ersilia Polwart Zegarra

President of the Republic


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Chairman of the Council of Ministers



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