Erika Villalobos Reveals How She Overcame Aldo Miyashiro’s Infidelity: “It Hurt Me, But I Learned To Love Myself”

Erika Villalobos Tells How Aldo Coped With Miyashiro’s Infidelity | America TV

Erika Villalobos He reappeared on the show ‘El Reventonazo de la Sola’ and referred to Amphi Alto Miyashiro It was aired on Magali Madina’s show in April last year. The actress shared some details about how she experienced this phase of her career that put her in front of endless spotlights.

In this regard, from the moment the artist failed her ex-husband, her personal life was very exposed, which she did not like, because throughout her career she knew how to separate her personal life from working on television. . “My personal life has been all over the place for a year and a half, people may be interested in it, but I don’t want it. “My work is dedicated to the public, not my private life,” he commented early on.

He then noted that many people don’t like what is on everyone’s lips, and it’s too bad if they don’t know everything behind it.

“I want you to understand that no one wants to be everywhere all the time, especially without knowing. “You never know what’s going on in my life,” Villalobos added.

Erica Villapos reveals how she got over Aldo Miyashiro's betrayal.  (Capture America TV)
Erica Villapos reveals how she got over Aldo Miyashiro’s betrayal. (Capture America TV)

He then said that when he experienced this bad moment, he felt that he was in a good position in his life and that is why he decided to continue on this path. “I decide to devote myself to the work Because things happen. I was happy with my job and decided to devote myself to it. Finally, it has been a beautiful year,” said the artist.

Finally, he mentions a way to overcome this Treachery. He said that this was a strong blow in his life, but he decided to devote himself and take care of himself.

“A lot of things in life hurt like they’re going to hurt, and you have to embrace yourself. We love each other, we are proud, and I have dedicated a lot to know what to do with myself,” said Erika Villalobos.

Aldo Miyashiro admits he apologized to Erica Villalobos after the altercation with Fiorella Reddys/America TV.
Aldo Miyashiro admits he apologized to Erica Villalobos after the altercation with Fiorella Reddys/America TV.

Aldo Miyashiro and Erika Villalobos They’ve given us something to talk about in recent weeks. The former couple were surprised to appear in a commercial for a new soap opera being produced by America Television. The news appeared at half-time of the match between Peru and Paraguay; However, this development caught everyone’s attention.

However, this Saturday, September 16, the former couple showed up ‘El Reventonazo de la Sola’, Where they were solid with their characters and part of a line of sneakers. But before that everyone entered the television set individually.

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Last Issuer ‘The Chinese Gang’, He doesn’t hesitate to approach his former partner directly. Before that, Ernesto Pimentel, playing Michael Alexander, asked her if she had any problems, but she declined the offer.

Aldo Miyashiro and Erika Villalobos met again on television.  (Capture America TV)
Aldo Miyashiro and Erika Villalobos met again on television. (Capture America TV)

When they finally met face-to-face, they didn’t hesitate to kiss in public, marking their return to television. After that, they sat next to each other to see the fake numbers.

At that momentErnesto Pimentel He asked them how they came up with the idea of ​​writing this soap opera. At that moment, Alto Miyashiro He spoke and said they had a meeting where they came up with this whole plot to get back together after being separated for years.

“We sat down to talk about what story we could put together, which was built around this initial idea of ​​seeing each other after 15 years of being separated because of a crime, a crime. It’s a super dramatic story that people are going to love,” the American television personality said.

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