How to make perfectly fried eggs without sticking to the pan | Answers

fried egg It’s probably a must-have in anyone’s breakfast. Its properties are great, especially if you boil it or fry it with good heat-resistant oil, but the question remains: How to fry properly?How to make it fully come out? It is possible to task ourselves with doing that, and here are some ‘tips’ about that.

Almost any breakfast, lunch and dinner includes eggs, however, it is at home that we believe they will always become perfect. Sometimes we overheat, the oil is not hot enough and the pan sticks to the bottom. These are classic mistakes that can be avoided to improve.

How to fry the perfect egg in a pan?

This time we will practice the age-old tips for making the best eggs in a pan. Although we always recommend, you should first choose the oil you like Coconut or olives are greatIt does not oxidize easily at the high temperature of the burner:

  • If you heat the oil it becomes viral until it starts bubbling, but not smoking.
  • We recommend that you try using non-stick or Teflon pansSo the egg does not stick easily.
  • We’re going to slowly introduce the egg, leaving the yolk intact.
  • Now it will be essential to reduce the flame to medium-low, this way we will do the cooking evenly.
Creating the perfect egg is possible. You have to take into account the pan, timings and flame (Photo: @Freepick)
  • For best results, We put the lid on the pot Above, so we can see that the steam cooperates in cooking the egg completely.
  • This process should take 3 to 5 minutes. Try to lightly oil the spatula so that the egg will slide Gently plate.
  • Finally, Don’t forget to use some special spices: black pepper, turmeric powder or ginger and oregano Finally give a special taste and presentation.
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What happens if you eat an egg without the yolk?

You’ll be wasting all the biological value of the egg, because the white and yolk provide more nutrients collectively than they do individually. The protein content is greatly reduced if both parts are separated by shaking or lifting.

You should know that the white is rich in protein, while the yolk has excellent properties of iron, vitamin B2, B12 and D, therefore, both should always be eaten at the same time.

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